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{#Sec1} Introduction {#Sec2} ------------ Advancements in manufacturing and quality control mean that the types of defects that lead to a product recall are typically now associated with not just the product itself but with the entire manufacturing process. This is particularly true for medical devices where devices are produced in batches with strict lot-to-lot consistency. Since it is practically impossible to test every product in the batch, a material that is known to be unreliable is used. The manufacturing process then passes the bad material to the next batch and the cycle continues. {#Sec3} At the heart of Advanced Design System ADAS is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, modeling tool that represents the basic building blocks of a medical device (Fig. [1](#Fig1){ref-type="fig"}). Modeling such devices is an extremely difficult challenge since a medical device design should take into consideration the complex anatomical features of the patient that vary from patient to patient, as well as the complicated process of manufacturing that varies from batch to batch. Typically, a medical device will be produced using an injection molding process in which a molten material is shaped to create a three-dimensional (3D) structure. A medical device design will then be simulated in CAD to assure that the model is structurally sound and that the details of the structure are correct. Once the medical device model is verified, it is then combined with data specific to the patient to help determine the best approach to manufacturing a specific device. Examples of data to be used include: age, body mass index (BMI), gender, and implant details. Based on the specific patient and the manufacturing process, a manufacturing route and fabrication sequence is then selected. Since there are usually many different design variations for a medical device, the manufacturing process and selection of the best manufacturing route is not an easy task. The process becomes even more complex when there are multiple components that make up the medical device. At each step in the process, there are different choices that can be made. For example, a specific material might be selected for a specific step or a specific process might be chosen to accomplish the manufacturing steps. The most important step in the process is the modeling and simulation of the medical device since it is during this stage that the structure of the device and the selection of the manufacturing route is determined. It is important to note that the modeling and simulation of a device is not a simulation of the actual manufacturing process. Rather, it



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Advanced Design System 2015.01 Crack enligio

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