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About The Center Right

The Center Right strives to bring it's listeners a view of current events and politics, both local and global, from a moderate conservative point of view. This podcast explores ideas and events with a goal of addressing them both respectfully and honestly.

The idea for this Podcast came about when Wes became fed up with hearing the militant push from both wings of the political spectrum.  He wondered why he could have good and productive conversations with both sides, but everyone else seemed to simply devolve into arguments and fights with no solutions and no resolutions.

The simple question that birthed this Podcast was, "why can Americans no longer find common ground and compromise?"  From this question, a number of conversations led to the creation of this Podcast all based and focused on bridging the divide that plagues the nation and helping to find common ground.

We invite you to join us on our journey towards a better and more civil society in which problems are mediated between reasonable people as opposed to being fought out in the streets with shouting and violence.  We can choose better, we can be better, and we ca live better, we simply have to choose to.

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