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Democrat Hypocrisy On Full Display As Trump Uses Their Own Playbooks Against Them

Say what you want about Donald J. Trump, no matter how bad it is, I will most likely agree with you. I have made no secret of my disdain for him as a person and the choices he makes in his actions, words, or comportment. That said, one of the few things I hate more than bad public comportment by a political leader is hypocrisy which does not get called out. Queue my continuing issues with the modern Democrat Party's witch hunt against Trump.


You see, no matter what they have tried to call him out on, they are guilty of hiding and accepting the very same thing within their own party. Literally everything that Trump has been accused of, at least one Democrat has been guilty of and their party tried not only to cover it up, but also to get that person reelected.

The hypocrisy is so horrific that it quasi-comical.

There's the "scandal" about his property valuation, yet that pales in comparison to the Whitewater scandal of the Clintons, where the Federal Government actually lost close to $73 million dollars. In the Trump valuation "scandal," everyone got their money back. The Federal Government was out absolutely nothing, and no one suffered any harm whatsoever. Wish the people who were financially ruined by the closing of the closing of the Maison Guaranty and Capital Management Services could say the same thing.

Then there is the classified documents "scandal." Yet what the Democrats AREN'T telling you is that Donald Trump is LITERALLY using the exact same defense that the Supreme Court upheld for Bill Clinton when he took everything about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Whitewater investigation with him. The National Archive asked for all materials to be returned, including some labeled secret and others top secret, and he is the one who set the precedent that all the president has to do is say they are declassified as his argument was that by taking them, he declassified them in a de facto way.

If you go after Trump for this, you have to now revoke Bill Clinton's Supreme Court immunity and put him on trial as well for the taking of, and refusal to return (to this day), all of the materials that he took.

Oh, and we have not even started on the fact that Joe Biden was guilty of the same thing and hid the documents in his.... lax and slackened.... garage in nothing more than cardboard boxes. At least Trump had a reasonable SCIF at Mar A Lago.

And on top of that, Biden turned over government documents to a University. The classifications of those documents ran the ENTIRE gambit. So if they want to say that Trump gave those documents to other people, so did Biden, and Biden was not even the President when he did so, so he is not even capable of using the Clinton defense as Trump is.

But what about January 6th? Is that not a uniquely Trump scandal?

Well, that depends on a few things. One, do you see January 6th through the Democrat propaganda of it being an "insurrection," or do you recognize that it was a riot, no different from any of the other riots including those created and fanned by the Democrat Party which involved BLM and ANTIFA? How about these pro-Palestinian riots and demonstrations? There are Democrats not only supporting them, but cheering them on.

So EVEN IF Trump is guilty of "spurring on" the January 6th riot, which he is really not, that is not much different in any way from the repeated Democrat support for riots, violence, and "uprising." Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.

But what about the Georgia Election Interference case brought by Fani Willis? Surely is this is a Trump exclusive, right?


Both Clintons, Rahm Emmanuel, Teddy Kennedy and HOST of other Democrats went this far, and father, when Clinton lost to Trump. The only difference is that no one threw a spotlight on it and drug them into court to prevent them from running in the following election had they wanted to.

Oh, and that was all a repeat of what happened when they did the same thing after John Kerry lost to George W. Bush in 2004. There are literal videos from 2004 where Democrats are saying that people should "rise up" and "overthrow" this "illegitimate" election.

Again, when Republicans do it, it is bad, but when Democrats do it, it is justified.

No, it is not. Principles are principles, they are not subjective.

What about the Hush Money case?

Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Rahm Emmanuel, Edwards, Kennedy, etc. etc. etc. If you indicted every politician who gave hush money to someone, you would likely indict every politician in two full branches of government. Heck, two prominent Democrats are being charged with doing so OUT OF THEIR CAMPAIGN FUNDS, AND ONE OF THOSE CURRENTLY.

You see, back in the 1990s, I warned everyone, who would listen to a teenage kid, that what the Democrats were sewing, they would eventually reap.

I told people that the right would only play the game with integrity for so long before deciding that if it wanted to win, it had to do what the left was doing in order to do so.

Well, now you are seeing the fruits of that reality.

Every single Democrat and/or leftist "victory" since the 1960s has brought us to where we are today. When they rammed through the courts what they could not win at the ballot box, under the hope that society would "come to love it," they set the table for the meal they are now "enjoying."

Congratulations Democrat Party and leftists, much of the recent success of the right can be directly attributed to your guerilla political tactics. Bravo.

It really sucks when it happens to you, does it not?

Well, at least you have no one to blame but yourselves.

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