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Democrats Don't Hate Billionaires, Just Conservative Ones

Warren Buffett - Photo Credit: NBC News

When is the last time you heard a Democrat decry Billionaires? I'm sure you don't have to go that far back to remember it. For many of us, it was something like yesterday, and all of us will be able to say that after hearing Joe Biden's inaugural address where it figures to be a centerpiece of his posturing. Yet, such a stance is more than just a bit hypocritical since many of the Democrat policies do indeed support billionaires, they just support the ones who already are and not the ones who aspire to be.

Take for example Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett is a primary owner in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. which operates a great deal of the freight railroads linking and distributing products across the United States. This, not coincidently, includes the transportation of crude oil from Canada's oil fields all the way to Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma where it is processed into the myriad of products that we use from fuels to plastics. This is a big part of their income.


Now, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. posted a $49.7 Billion dollar loss in 2020, and the prospect of a completed Keystone Pipeline that reduces, almost entirely, the country's reliance on his railroads for transportation of oil from Canada to Texas would only further hurt his holdings. Make no mistake, the reason Joe Biden says that Keystone will be a day one casualty is purely and simply as a hand out to Buffett who is one of the most prolific Democrat donors, likely second only to George Soros.

But what about the American People? What will this do to us?

Well, buckle up, because it's not pretty.

You see the biggest benefit to pipelines is that they GREATLY reduce the cost of transportation. They're generally automated, they require less, and less costly, repairs than trains and train cars, and they require zero rail maintenance. This cost savings only makes the cost of petroleum products cheaper, which in turn makes the fracking and higher cost oil production in places like Canada and Texas more attractive because they become market neutral and put more product onto the market which reduces costs for all products.

Oh yeah, and it also undercuts Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and all of OPEC. That, however, is a secondary benefit as far as I'm concerned.

Yet, where is the outcry of a Billionaire and his company investors scalping and raiding the pockets of the common person? Why aren't there protests in the streets about $2-3-4-6 per gallon gasoline (depending on your state)? Why aren't people calling their senators and congressmen in record numbers at the prospect of higher fuel, heating, and all petroleum product costs while many of them are still either unemployed or dealing with pay cuts from COVID?

The simple reason? A Democrat is doing it, so it's ok; and the Billionaire getting taken care of donates to liberals, so he's ok. In other words, principle doesn't matter, as long as they're on our side.

Why don't you hear these dots being connected on mainstream media? I'm not sure. All of the information is there, it's publicly accessible, and it's very very easy to put the pieces together. Oh wait, that would be a negative image for a Democrat and a liberal donor... well, principles don't really matter when that's involved.

I hope you've enjoyed these lower fuel prices, because once Keystone is cancelled, and fuel prices get under cut by other countries like they used to which will start killing off American energy jobs, and we return to relying on OPEC and others to give us our fuel, we can expect the hostage situation that was the American energy market to return to it's roller coaster ways soon. That's a game we always lose, and it funds all kinds of things that we don't want in the world, but hey, Buffet is all good so he'll keep donating to the Democrats. And that's what it's all about.

Yet, it's not his money he's donating, ultimately it's yours, because every time you put gas in your car a percentage of that goes to him to transport the fuel replacement. Just one big money funnel. But only Republicans are the corporate bad guys right? That's never been true, and it most definitely isn't any longer if it ever was.

Here's to the new administration. May it pass quickly and with as little destruction of our country as possible.

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