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Dems: Stop Using Precision Munitions (Not Enough Casualties I Guess)

Photo Credit: Jewish National Syndicate

Just when you thought you'd heard it all when it comes to the Democratic Party attempting to stab our Israeli allies in the back, they come out with something so preposterous that you wonder if it came out of some kind of Geopolitics for Dummies book. It is getting to the point where you can't even write satire anymore (see the Babylon Bee's article here) because all of this is so outrageous that you can't even make up anything more extreme.


Take this story from the Jerusalem Post as an example:

This parrots what the members of "The Squad" have been saying from the beginning. The onus isn't on Hamas to stop firing rockets into civilian populations, it's on Israel to stop stopping them. I mean, it's as convoluted as blaming the kid who punched the bully in the nose, and broke it, after he'd been punched repeatedly by that same bully. It's ludicrous.

Which leads me to my commentary on this attempt to block the arms sale to Israel.

The Democrats attempt to tell you that this is there way of attempting to end the conflict. After all, if Israel has nothing to shoot at Hamas, then they can't keep fighting, right? Wrong, and it shows a complete lack of understanding of either war or geopolitics.

You see, Israel is requesting to purchase more high end and precision munitions, you know, the kind that LIMIT civilian casualties. Laser guided bombs, target tracking missiles, bunker busters that don't explode on the surface sending shrapnel everywhere and killing everyone in the vicinity. They are LITERALLY requesting to purchase some of the MOST EXPENSIVE munitions possible in order to continue fighting in a way that limits civilian casualties to an absolute minimum.

Which brings me to the bottom line truth, stopping the sale won't change what's happening, it will only make it worse and far more bloody. If Israel no longer has the means to root out Hamas with precision munitions, then they will likely decide that their only other option is to launch a ground offensive into the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This means the displacement of untold numbers of Palestinians as well as innumerablely more civilian casualties as Israeli soldiers have to quell rock throwing and treat civilians as a hostile force,

In other words, the Democrats plan will have the opposite effect of what they're trying to accomplish. Yet they would know that IF they had any military experience on their side or an understanding of the reality of warfare and not their "kumbaya" understanding that says "we can all get along."

Sometimes I wonder if they don't know what they're doing, and they are just trying to posture themselves politically. It's far easier than believing that they are ALL this stupid. So since I DON'T believe that they're all this stupid, then I must believe that all of this is nothing more than a politically motivated stunt that could have far reaching consequence far beyond Israeli arms stores or Hamas targets, it will effect civilians in the worst way possible, and that is what should be avoided.

Israel has enough munitions to keep fighting for years and years, just not the kind of war that we want. So if we want to limit civilian deaths, the best way is to enable Israel to defend itself in a way that does so.

But hey, that requires critical thinking and not emotionalism. I wonder if the Democrat Party is even capable of that at the National level anymore.

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