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Globalists Vs. Nationalists Ukraine Edition

Many people have asked me over the course of my time writing why I am a nationalist and not a globalist. Most of them see globalism as the answer to everything from war to poverty and even to income inequality. Of course, this global society will have to be run by a massive government, but hey, they have our best interests at heart, right?

Well, let's look at the Ukraine invasion to see both forces at work.


On National Sovereignty

Nationalists: Have tried to defend Ukraine and Ukrainian sovereignty from the beginning. They wanted more weapons and aid sent prior to the invasion and have repeatedly stated their desire to maintain a free Ukraine regardless of the cost. They are the bulk, if not the entirety of the Ukrainian defense forces at this point.

Globalists: Did everything they could to hand Ukraine to Putin, and Russia, hoping that it would cause him to quiet down and restore the peace. The last thing they wanted, or hoped for, was an effective Ukrainian uprising and defense as they view the cost of a larger scale conflict as too much to pay for a free and independent Ukraine.


On World Alliances

Nationalists: Have largely booed the inability of large alliances to welcome in new members and to extend protection to those most in need of it to protect their national, territorial, and cultural integrity.

Globalists: Have cheered the indifference of the larger alliances, along with their willingness to not get involved on a broader level against the powers that they were created defend against. Globalists, of course, do this in the name of "global peace..." and larger global blocs of governmental power (though they likely won't come out and admit it).


On Sanctions

Nationalists: Have been asking for the harshest possible sanctions from day one which include the energy sector, the banking sector, and the travel sector. They view disruptions to the global system as necessary, and justified, to maintain individual national sovereignty.

Globalists: Have been slow to implement and to enforce strict sanctions in order to protect global supply lines and international trade. They view the holding together of the global community as far more important than the fate of any one single nation. This includes America in case you were wondering.


On Military and Lethal Aid

Nationalists: Nationalists want to send the maximum amount of military and lethal aid to Ukraine because they view Russia as one of, if not the biggest purveyor of globalism and the globalist system in the world. They know that if Russia can be pushed back into a box, it makes dealing with the second worst purveyor of globalism (China) easier to deal with.

Globalists: Have attempted to withhold or distribute military aid as slowly as possible, and were hoping that Russia would steamroll through Ukraine so that the conflict could be "over with" as soon as possible allowing the world to "go back to peace." They have only begun to be willing to give aid as they have seen that the conflict will continue and that the Ukrainians have a chance of winning.


I could keep going, but I hope I have demonstrated sufficiently for you the fact that there is a big difference between those who are Nationalists and those who are Globalists. If your nation is invaded, please rest assured that the Globalists will do whatever they can to stop the fighting, even if that includes just giving your country's national sovereignty over to a vindictive and evil foreign power.

After all, your suffering is a small price to pay for global peace...

Just ask a Ukrainian how that feels.

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