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How To Get To Socialism: A Guide

In light of the Anti-America sentiment sweeping parts of the nation, along with a desire by some to turn their back on our nation, I have come up with the following handy guide for those who appear to just not be able to take it any longer:


If you want to stay in America and be Socialist:

You have your choice of California, New York, Washington, or Oregon. You will not find any more socialist places within our country than these. Sure, you still have to fight that terrible "constitution" thing, but these states have already done that by simply declaring what they will and won't do regardless of what it says. If you want to "stay American" and be socialist, this is definitely your path of least resistance.

If you just want a moderately socialist country:

Our good friend to the north, Canada, is your best bet. Generally a capitalist nation with highlights of socialism including a now scrapped universal basic income. Socialist healthcare and tight minimum wage controls. Just seek political asylum at the border.

If you want a modern "Democratic Socialism" nation:

You should try England. Getting there might be a bit harder than Canada, but the government has far more control over the day to day lives of its citizenry. It is generally unquestioned and has health review boards for its socialized medicine and everything. Clearly an advanced society in which individuals just have to let the government think for them.

If you want an older and more established Socialism:

You might want to try Cuba. Sure, its a little rough around the edges, but clearly it is an open and completely socialist society including full wage controls and government control of all media. Everything is public property there, as well as your work and the work of everyone else. It is truly a collectivist paradise. The best part? You don't have to buy a boat to get there as millions of Cuban refugees have proven in the past. Just throw a raft together and risk the shark infested waters to reach your paradise!

If you want a more adventurous Socialism:

Then Venezuela is likely the one you want. Recent migrant caravans have "proven" that it is entirely possible to get there on foot, with no assistance, little to no money, and no vehicles to drive you. So why wouldn't you go? Free everything including cradle to grave care for each and every person. This is socialism's Utopia right here, and in a tropical climate to boot.

If you want a full featured Socialism:

I couldn't recommend China enough. Oh yes, getting there will be terribly difficult, you might even have to smuggle yourself in a shipping container like so many do to reach us, but hey, to get to socialism, it's worth it right? Full cradle to grave care with a mandatory thought and attitude social credit system built in to protect it. If there is such a thing as a socialist Heaven, this must truly be it. It must be worth any amount of difficulty to reach it.

Anyway, I hope this guide has been helpful for you. After all, I can't imagine being stuck in a country that I hated so much. In fact, neither can millions of immigrants who come here each year, maybe that's why they came. You can find what you're looking for, all you have to do is move.

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