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If Gun Laws Work, This Photo Is Impossible...

Photo Credit: SFPD Twitter Account

This photo was not taken in central or south America, but rather in San Francisco, California. Stunning, is it not? I mean, they have the strictest gun laws in the nation, sorry New York, you only get honorable mention. They've had the strictest gun laws in the nation since the year 2000 when I was still living there. Everything about this photo is illegal in California.

Side note, I wonder if this too is known to cause cancer in the State of California, but I digress.


First, this lady is clearly not wearing a seatbelt, this is a violation of California's Vehicle Code 27315 and is punishable by a fine of $20 and fees and assessments which will take it up over $200 for a first offense, and $50 plus extras for each subsequent offense.

Second, her head it out of the widow, which in some California counties is against their local traffic ordinances and can get her another ticket. Since we do not know exactly which county this photo was taken in, we do not know if this applies to her. Thirdly, the magazine violates California Penal Code section 32310 (a) and (b) which makes the possession, sale, or manufacture of any magazine over 10 round illegal.

Fourthly, under Sections 30515, 30900, and Section 30680 of the California Penal Code, the weapon itself is illegal in that it 1) accepts a magazine, 2) is a semi-automatic, 3) is a center fire rifle, 4) has a sub 16" barrel, and 5) has no stock.

Such weapons have not been available for sale, transfer, inheritance, or possession (without positive proof of ownership pre January 1st, 2000) in the State of California since 2000. That was 21 years ago. That should be more than enough time to have gotten them off of the streets with the enforcement measures the state uses, and believe me, they enforce it strictly.

So how is it that this picture is taken in 2021, and the city reports "119 shootings, both fatal and non-fatal, for the first six months of 2021, compared to 58 in the first half of last year," According to Fox News?

These weapons should not exist. These magazines should not exist. The State of California confiscates the highest number of guns in the nation, between criminal complaints and "red-flag" laws. You would think that such things would be impossible there, yet here it is, and posted by the police of the very same state, and from a city that often says that the state does not go far enough to control guns.

How are you doing on that control there, California?

California, like Chicago, New York City, and so many other large cities is struggling with the consequences of their policies. Criminals do not fear the unarmed populace, they most certainly do not fear the police who have some of the slowest response times in the nation, and that is only getting worse as more and more municipalities either disarm, or reduce the number of, police officers through defunding measures.

Is it any wonder why we see such a spike in crime?

Any look at the statistics will tell you that the places with the worst gun crimes are the cities, sure, that stands to reason, but when you look at the comparison, gun friendly states have demonstrably lower crime rates, specifically gun crime rates, then cities of comparable size in a state with strict gun laws.

Again, coincidence? I think not.

It all comes back to a simple principle. If you want to take away people's ability to protect themselves, then you have to have a police force so overwhelming that crime is actually deterred and not just reported on after the fact. If you attempt to take away personal protection without doing so, then you are just leaving people exposed to criminals, and they will do whatever they can to protect themselves, including homemade firearms (which I've seen), booby traps (which I've also seen), and training of dogs to be vicious guard dogs trained specifically to kill without mercy (which, sadly I've also seen). I consider that last one to be abusive, so it gets my blood boiling just mentioning it.

When people do not feel safe, they do what they feel they need to do to be safe.

It is the primary function of government to provide for the safety of its people.

California fails using pretty much any measurement you want to use.

What do you expect, however, from a state in which "Criminal Lives Matter?"

Unfortunately, they matter more than the average law abiding citizen.

And that... is why... those law abiding citizens... are leaving.


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Buddy Trueblood
Buddy Trueblood
Aug 05, 2021

I'm near convinced now that California is trying to recreate the wild west. No punishment for crime wich will bring back bounty hunting, strict gun laws wich will force people to buy lever actions and revolvers. So I'm not so sure if they want to stay in touch with the times or if they are trying a new form of time travel.

Buddy Trueblood
Buddy Trueblood
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

The biggest problem is that if someone has any kind of firearm a rock won't do you any good.

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