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Ok If By Land, But Not If By Sea

Photo Credit: AP Photo / Hans Deryk

I will not claim to be an expert on race genomic differentials and genetics, so maybe that is why I am having such a hard time with this, but can anyone explain to me why brown people (to use a popular vernacular today) by land are ok, but brown people by sea are not? Are we that afraid of the ocean? I mean, if the ocean is to be avoided that much, should we not issue warnings to Americans to stay out of it?

You see, it is expressly because it is not about race, but about politics that our current immigration policies make no sense. Our current administration wants to let in people who desire a better life through government assistance, not those who are fleeing the reality of government assistance.

Brown skin has zero to do with it either way.


Here are the words of Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas himself:

Wait a minute, why does how they got here matter? Why does he go out of his way to specify, "if you come BY SEA." Should he not have the same policy either way? I mean, if you come by land your good, but if you come by sea you are not?

Yes, Kamala Harris can be seen in a video telling Central Americans not to come, but the Administration's policy has proven that statement to be a farce. Yet there are the coast guard vessels sitting out there turning Cuban rafts around.

Again, why do we turn them around but not those from Central America? It is far more dangerous returning by rickety rafts through shark infested waters than to walk back to where you came from.

The answer? Because the Democrats feel that Central Americans will vote for more government assistance while Cubans have historically voted against any socialistic measures. In the last Election Trump won the largest percentage of Cuban Americans ever as a Republican in a Presidential election and his surge came after he made the announcement in a speech that, "America will never be a socialist nation."

Yet, I want to try to FORCE a moment of clarity and honesty, so I will ask again, where are the protestors beating down the White House doors over the President's racist policies to turn away brown people?

Where is congresswoman AOC standing on the coast of Florida crying next to a raft and decrying the fact that the US is sending brown people back to Cuba to be tortured and punished politically for leaving?

Where are the talking heads calling the President a racist liar because his Press Secretary ACTUALLY lied directly to the American people by saying that the Cuban's were protesting over the availability of COVID-19 vaccines?

The fact of the matter is that if we are bringing in anyone, it is the Cuban people who should be at the front of the line.

We did not stop the rise of the Castro Brothers. We did not stop the murderous and blood soaked reign of terror that was Che Guevara. We butchered the Bay of Pigs invasion by only tacitly supporting the Cuban people instead of forcibly removing a regicidal regime.

We handed the Cuban people over to the fate with which they now suffer more than once and as such we have a responsibility to help and assist wherever we can, and that includes receiving ANY Cuban who reaches our shores (as our policy always has been), and to directly aid the resistance and freedom movements in Cuba however we can.

Mr. President, float those internet balloons!

Now there is a good use of American foreign aid dollars. Instead of propping up people to stay in a genocidal (religiously genocidal) state, we would be helping them to break those oppressive chains and to find freedom for themselves and their countrymen.

They would be a dominant economic powerhouse within five years, and faster with international aid.

Do not be fooled, this has nothing to do with race, this has everything to do with politics and the Democratic party not wanting the stories to make it out of Cuba. They do not want you to see the failed policies and poverty that their ideology has created. They want to perpetuate the myth that Cuba is some type of socialist tropical paradise.

An internet search and some internet balloons would cure you of that misnomer quite quickly.

By the way, what if people needed to flee Puerto Rico? Would we also turn them around?

Yeah, I did not think so either.

I keep waiting for Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott to rally the Republican states and pay to float those balloons themselves. I hope it will happen.

But mostly, I wish for freedom for the Cuban people. So that those here who want to return home can, and so that those who are there and want to come here without risking their life can.

By the way, like Puerto Rico, I also think the US should accept a statehood application from a free and independent Cuba should they decide to make one.

These are good, honest, and hard working people. They are fleeing true persecution and political oppression.

They are the textbook definition of asylum seekers.

And they should get it, every time.


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