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What Is A Banana Republic, And Why Does It Matter To You?

A lot of people have been calling the USA a Banana Republic recently. It started when Obama began his string of fiat executive order dictates. It got louder during Trump's presidency. It has now reached a fevered pitch as the Biden led Department of Justice has continually thrown indictment after indictment at Donald Trump.

But what exactly IS a banana republic, and why do they keep using that word?

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines it thusly:

"A small dependent country usually of the tropics; Especially : one run despotically"

In other words, it is a backwards republic where the voices of the people do not actually matter.

So how do we meet such a heinous set of criteria?

Well, we are completely dependent on other countries at this point to fund our spending. If we stopped borrowing money from other countries our government could not operate for longer than a month or two. Think about that. Really. Let that sink in.

The most powerful country in the world is completely dependent on foreign capital investments to keep going.

How long do you think that will last?

Secondly, parts of it are in the tropics.

Thirdly it is a country being run more and more despotically.

Now, here is where some of you get really mad at me, but we have been running the country this way since Bill Clinton's presidency. One executive order after another intended to tear down the gridlock that our founders wisely wrote into our Constitution to keep us from the very point that our society is in.

Yes, that's right, our gridlock was created to PREVENT the current type of culture war that we find ourselves in.

Yet every president, well, really since Reagan, and even he was not perfect, has expanded the power of the Executive Branch, and in many ways, almost to the point where we are run by fiat order and not by congressional vote.

Heck, Joe Biden keeps trying to forgive student loans by fiat, despite the Constitution EXPRESSLY giving the power of the purse to the House of Representatives. Just one executive order after another.

And THAT is why our country keeps swinging back and forth like a pendulum out of control. It is because each new president coming in just tears up everything his predecessor did, to the cheers of his constituents, that our society violently lurches back and forth between right and left depending on the election.

This is the complete opposite of how things were supposed to work!

Yet, it is the Biden administration that has finally crossed the line of no return, and I genuinely wonder what it means for our republic moving forward.

For the first time in two-hundred and forty-seven years (247 years) our country has indicted a former president who is currently running for president. In 247 years, we have not even indicted a former president at all, let alone one currently running for office. This is the stuff of Caribbean Pirate Despots and third world dictators. This is LITERALLY the things that they did in the USSR to keep the one party system in power. And it is happening here, IN AMERICA!!! It is beyond disgusting.

This did not happen to Johnson, Harding, Grant, Nixon, Clinton, Cleveland, or Kennedy, despite conduct that was clearly criminal during their time as President.

Everyone in the government knew that once you turn the justice department loose on your political opponents, it becomes a swinging gate of arrests and imprisonments depending on which party gets voted into power. Then when the other party gets into power they pardon all of their people, and go after the other party. New pardons and arrests every four to eight years.

Is this the system we want to live it?

Joe Biden is one of the singularly most corrupt presidents ever, and I will go on record as predicting that when it all comes to light, most likely after he leaves office, he will stand singularly atop the podium as the shining light of presidential corruption. The worst in the entire 247 year history of our country.

Yet, do I want to see HIM prosecuted?


Why? Because I know the end result of such a move. When you indict and go after a former president, you open yourself up to the same thing, and let me just ask you, if a Republican wins the White House in November of 2024, how much proverbial political blood will run in the streets?

This, this is how republics die, or transform into Empires.

The ancient Greeks and Romans would be screaming at us now to stop, reverse course, and go back!

But I fear it may be too late.

Biden may have pushed us over the precipice.

Because the only thing you cannot be in politics is too weak to respond in kind.

So fear the bloodbath. Because it will be unbelievably ugly.

Just like a banana republic should be.

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