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A Call To Action

Normally I try to be even handed. I work VERY hard to be balanced, though biased, and I try to reason between both sides.


If that's what you're hoping for, you're probably better off to stop reading right here. No, I won't be offended, but if you are looking for me to say, "Just vote, that's what matters," or, "Do your best to make sure everyone votes," click away, only anger and frustration await you.

Tomorrow is election day, and if you're voting for Trump, I hope you took the day off, if you didn't it's not too late. Why? Well let me lay it out for you.

One of the biggest reasons why people don't vote is that it's either inconvenient or too far. Sometimes it's older people who can't drive to the polls, Yet perhaps it's someone who's fighting a non-contagious medical issue who can't drive there (Vertigo et al). There are LOTS of reasons, but in the end, that's just how life goes.

So what can WE do about it? The best thing we can do is to be available to help. Here are some simple, yet practical (and maybe not so practical) solutions:

- Call your conservative friends to see if they've voted. If not motivate them.

- Offer to stand in line with them (company makes things better)

- Offer them a ride if transportation is a barrier

- Better yet, rent a mini-bus or van and offer car pooling

- Maybe rent a charter bus? (Hey, maybe someone reading this is rich enough)

- Ask them to call their friends if they've already voted (Force Multiplication)

- If they've voted for, or are voting for Biden, be courteous, maybe even see if you can politely convince them, but if not, just drop it and move on. No sense in starting a fight.

- I don't care how red your state is, get everyone out to vote. Part of the reason why we always lose the popular vote is that conservative voters in red states (and likely in dark blue states) are less likely to go and vote (feeling that their vote doesn't matter), and to rely on the electoral college to do its job (so people say that we have to abolish the EC). Yet that is part of our image problem. We have to go vote, regardless of the "redness" of our state. Conservatives need to vote, and get everyone they know to vote too.

I know, I could sit here forever going over and over it, but why? There's no need, I hope that I've made my point. I know that there is an unbridled enthusiasm for Trump from many, but there are also many who are feeling like it doesn't matter or that they just can't support him. I get those feelings I do, but Biden & Harris MUST be defeated, I don't care if Trump or Jorgenson beat them, the only thing that matters is that they lose.

So, we need to do everything we can to help, and making telephone calls to strangers only does so much, likewise texts and e-mails, but a call from a friend? A friend who's willing to drive them? A friend who's willing to stand in line with them? Now for that, they might be willing to get off their butt and get engaged, regardless of their state's color.

Remember, it's not just the Presidency up for grabs. If the Democrats flip the senate, it'll be two years of nothing getting done. If we hold the Senate, it'll be better, but if we flip the house, we'll see real progress. Those races count too, and in fact, some of them may be just as important as the Presidency. THAT'S WHY WE NEED EVERYONE VOTING!!! Go vote, and then get everyone you know to vote too.

In the church we say, if everyone in the church just brought one person to church per year, then the church would double every single year. I'll apply that same logic, if every voter against Biden got just one person to go to the polls to vote against Biden, we'll see an absolute landslide victory.

So, it's time, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Stop yelling about your support and DO something about it. Ground games win elections. History has proven that again and again and again.

Let's roll up our sleeves and go to work.

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