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A Positive Spin?

Rioters in Minneapolis - Photo Credit:

So someone said to me that I was far too negative in my last article. That there was indeed going to be a confirmation before the election or during the lame duck session and that I needed to find a positive outlook. He felt I needed to, "be happier about the good things that are happening." At first I was just going to dismiss it, but after Mitt Romney announced on twitter that he would indeed give an up or down vote on a nominee, and a few Democrats in vulnerable elections said that they would as well, I had to sit back and try to figure out what in the world is going on. Why the turn around? Why the sudden show of cohesion?

So, I decided to think on it. After all, you have to watch politicians like magicians. Unless you just want to enjoy the illusion, you have to look in the opposite direction of what they are trying to draw your attention to. They say look at this hand? You look at the other hand or their feet. They say look at this box, look under, around, above, or anywhere else to see what's going on.

So what in the world could they be doing that: they wouldn't want to outright say that they're doing, would have a very positive effect on the election in Trump's favor, and it would put Joe Biden in the least defensible position, and then it hit me...

The Riots...

Suddenly it all made sense. If riots prior to an election are almost always a sign of a lost Presidency, why in the world would you take a course of action that would lead to rioting prior to the election?

The answer? Because that's what you're hoping will happen.

Is that to say that Trump is making them riot? Nope, he's not making anyone do anything. Does it mean that he's going to let the rioters go for broke? No, I believe that he's going to stop the rioting fast and firmly. Yet the riots have proven to be SUCH A NEGATIVE for the Democrats that it would put Biden in an almost indefensible position.

- Support the rioters who are rioting for a Democrat cause? Take the poll hit again that was happening when they embraced the other riots.

- Reject the riots and say they need to stop? Lose your left flank and even more of the Bernie Bros. that you need for this election to even have a chance because they want an all out war on Trump and conservatives.

Politically speaking, it's a genius tactic, though, as my last article said, I'm still very hesitant to believe that they want to take the nomination off of the table as an election issue. Though, perhaps they feel that the riots are a better platform from which to secure a victory...

So if, indeed, they do push the Supreme Court nominee through before the election, or at least make like they're going to do it during the lame duck session, it has to be a part of a bigger strategy, and the only way it makes any sense at all is if they are trying to induce the reaction that they clearly know is going to happen.

They WANT the riots. They want the protests. They want the extreme left to get loud, vocal, raucous, and potentially violent. It's ALL a part of their strategy and it's all a part of what they're counting on because the only reason why you would take actions that would start riots this close to an election that you're winning it is that you believe that it will seal the deal for you. Another byproduct of this strategy is that they will have gotten the riots out of the way before the election. Operation legend allows them to arrest rioters and those engaging in violence. This does two things, one, it prevents them from voting as they won't be through their arraignment before November 3rd, and two, it defuses and reduces any violence or rioting post election that would then be tied to a Trump victory. It reduces the appearance of that vocal minority as a representation of the silent majority.

Now, does that mean I'm changing my prediction? No, not yet, not without hearing more solid information. Yet there is enough out there to at least make me wonder if we're seeing the Republicans finally engage in the same type of political gamesmanship that the Democrats have been engaged in for years. Long term thinking that allows the opposing party to hamstring itself.

If the rioters take to the streets before the election they'll have played right into Trump's hands, and they won't even know it.

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