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Abbott and DeSantis Show Us How To Fight Back

According to a Fox News story, multiple Democrat Politicians, headlined by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got shouted down outside of the makeshift migrant center in New York City.

This growing resentment shows us clearly that there is a way to fight back against the liberal lunacy that is destroying our country, and it was Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis who showed it to us.

The Key? Make the consequences of liberal policies fall on the liberals who support them.

Conservatives have known for years that one of the biggest reasons why liberals keep supporting Democrat policies is that they are not the ones paying the price for it.

The taxes fall on the rich, until the rich leave like happened in New York and is currently happening in California. Now the definition of rich just keeps falling.

The overburdening of the social services system falls on a select few and is often kept away from the sight of the people... until it becomes impossible to hide like in California.

The drug problem is kept out of the "nice" neighborhoods while those in the crack infested ones rely too much on the government and so they are too trapped to fight.

So knowing this history, Abbott and DeSantis decided to ship a FRACTION of the migrants, yes, that is right, for all that they have sent to other places, they have kept countless more in their states. They gambled that when the problem became a problem for those who keep electing and supporting these Democrat politicians who are pushing these agendas, that those voters would reconsider their stance. And, it has worked.

Now we are seeing people standing up to their elected officials, and oddly enough, it is the very same people who elected them. They finally are getting a taste of their own medicine that they have been foisting on border states for almost a century and they cannot handle it. They want it to stop, and they, the only ones who can, are now pressuring their "leaders" to undo this madness.

Just imagine the political impossibility of this political position...

If they follow the wishes of their constituents, and act like the representatives that they are, they will become, by their own accusations and definitions, racists and bigots; and it is not like they can blame their constituents, because they have already had enough, and they will set the record straight at election time.

If they do not follow the wishes of their constituents, and act like the "leaders" that they think they are, then there is a real chance that the Republicans make a lot of unexpected gains in Democrat states. The worst case scenario is that far more centrist Democrats win over their more liberal counterparts.

This is one of the most delectable political conundrums that I can recall.

This blueprint shows us the way to move forward as a movement. To fight back against all forms of liberal insanity. Make them responsible for it.

When they bus homeless people out of the city and drop them off in some little conservative municipality, the people need to pool their resources and ship them right back.

When they try to raise taxes to pay for drug treatment while also releasing drug dealers from jail because they are "non violent," looking at you California, then conservative counties need to double the arrests of drug offenses and flood the prison system with them so that their policies become glaringly obvious so that they cannot be ignored or swept away.

It is sad that we live in a world where liberals will push one agenda of "compassion" when someone else is dealing with it or paying the tab, but do something else when they are. Yet since that's where we are we have only one option:

Find a way to put EVERYTHING on their tab, until they relent and move away from the insanity that they are trying to foist upon this country.

Maybe then these "leaders" will go back to being representatives, or better yet, get replaced.

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