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Biden's Plan For Looming Gas Price Increases? That's Just The Cost Of Defending Freedom.

Vladimir Putin signs a natural gas pipeline in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok on September 8, 2011. (DMITRY ASTAKHOV/AFP/Getty Images)

I hope you fueled up your vehicle recently. If not, you're about to be hit with a very nasty surprise, and it has all been lining up for quite a long time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin knows that the world is dependent upon his oil and natural gas exports. He also knows that President Biden knows it too. That, more than anything else, is why there are not US Soldiers on the ground in Ukraine. Any disruption of oil and natural gas exports to Europe, Israel, Japan, and other overseas exports will cause a massive wave of price increases globally.

Putin has the world over a barrel, literally, and he knows it.

If the world truly puts in place "crippling sanctions," he'll just shut off the spigots that send oil and gas out of his country. After all, if you freeze his assets, then you're taking back the money you've already paid for past oil and gas. So he has no reason to sell you any more.

This will, undoubtedly, hurt Russia, but it would cripple Europe, in the middle of winter, when they are dependent upon those gas imports for their heating needs.

"But there has to be a work around, right?" I can hear that thought rattling around in your head.

Unfortunately, there is, but under President Biden, we will not do it.

You see, under the Biden Administration's energy plan, we have stopped permitting new oil and natural gas exploration, land leases for extraction, the building of the new refineries that Trump was trying to get built, and have closed key energy infustructure plans such as the ANWAR drilling complex and the Keystone-XL pipeline.

So, we have LESS oil and natural gas than we did under Trump, we are actively reducing out ability to access what we do have, and now we are putting our allies in a position where they will suffer because our supply cannot meet their demand even if they wanted to switch from Russian natural gas to ours. We just do not have enough, nor plan to make enough.

So no, Europe will not do anything harsh enough to get Russia to stop what its doing, like freezing major assets and trade contracts, because in doing so they would freeze out their own citizens, literally.

On the other side of that coin (yes, completely interconnected), however, Biden was asked in a press conference about the prices being paid at the pump here in America, which is currently rising fast and is about to skyrocket in ways that we have not seen since the 1970s. His response?

"That's just the price of defending freedom."

Is that what he intends to say to our freezing allies as they huddle in their homes for warmth?

Ummm, no Mr. President, this is the price of your inept energy policies that have once again left us dependent on foreign oil imports and your refusal to make any modifications to that plan for your foreign policy failures.

That is why President Biden will not do what is necessary to bring Russia to its knees financially. Doing so would only strain an already maxed out energy sector that cannot keep up only nine months before a mid-term election that already looks like it will be a wave against him.

His response to another question about if he would be willing to allow for more drilling, leasing, or production?


So that means that any REAL sanctions that will do anything genuine to the Russian leadership are highly unlikely; and if they do come, it will do just as much harm to the American people as it will to the Russian leadership, and even more to our European allies.

More global competition for energy resources will only drive up prices on all energy types in America, but as Biden said, "that's just the price of defending freedom."

Except it is not, nor does it have to be.

It is simply the cost of your twisted and ineffective policies.

So which is it, Mr. President?

Be a toothless tiger or hurt your own people? You've been outfoxed. Putin has played you like Garry Kasparov used to toy with every chess opponent because we know that the one thing you will not do is admit that you were wrong and reverse your policies.

That would take leadership.

And you, sir, are an empty logorrhisist, not a leader.

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