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Big Republican Wins Create Problems For Democrats

Photo Credit: Megan Paetzhold of Getty Images

Joe Manchin has been almost single handedly attempting to save the Democrat Party from self destruction. He has attempted to be a voice of reason in an otherwise out of control organization, and he has warned them, every step of the way, that they are imploding. Oh, and it is fair to remind you that he has done so at his own political expense.

You would think that someone like him would be at least respected, if not listened to. Yet as is too often the case, a prophet is never welcomed in his own town, or party in this case.

Tuesday night's wins for the Republican Party in Virginia, and their too close to call race in New Jersey (once considered to be a double digit lock for the Democrats) has turned Manchin into just that, a prophet, and yet I cannot see the Democrat Party listening to him any more than they already have.

You see, the Democrat Party is embroiled in a massive internal civil war. The Socialist wing of the party, along with the progressive wing of the party, are blocking any reasonable agenda put forward by the broader party coalition unless it incudes some parts of the extremist agenda. How then has the rest of the coalition responded? We'll they've basically capitulated to the extremists and, as Manchin predicted, it has come back to haunt them.

Despite this, however, they cannot afford to change course. A full scale political civil war, will only further shatter them ahead of next year's election cycle, and they know it. So what they will try to do is ram through as much of their agenda as they can while the moderates in the party bail off the ship in order to attempt to save their own seats. At least one of them is likely to change party, and one more is likely to declare themselves an independent.

Yep, you read that correctly, Manchin, and his all too important subset, are NOT going to capitulate because doing so would cost them their seats, and that means that the Democrats are going to have to water everything down to get it through. Prepare for a very acrimonious political year.

This positions the Republicans to make major gains all across the political landscape at all levels as America reacts to policies that were well hidden by the government prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything is now being questioned. From school curriculums to government assistance programs, people are waking up from a political malaise and they are not liking what they see.

For Democrats, this spells trouble, as a Donald Trump endorsed candidate like Ron DeSantis could easily take advantage of this and just about walk into the White House.

Yet I wonder, what in the world made the Democrat party believe that pumping out a consistent message of anti-Americanism, anti-Capitalism, anti-Religion, and anti-Morality would be a winning strategy once people saw the results of the policy behind the rhetoric?

Whomever that political genius was, they need to be fired and their Political Science Degree revoked by the school that conferred it.

Now, if you believe some of the reports coming out of Fairfax County, things are even more troubling for Democrats.

A source from the Republican Party in the state has said that there was a problem reported with the counting that caused it to stop (similar to what happened in some places in the 2020 Presidential election). They reported that they would have to resume counting in the morning. The county sheriff, reportedly, said that he was in full support of whatever they needed and that he would, "call in as many deputies as was needed to put two people at every entrance to every facility containing ballots to ensure that not one single person got in or out until they were ready to resume counting." Funny thing is, less than 20 minutes after the "catastrophic problem" was discovered, it was somehow fixed and counting resumed. The result? Glen Youngkin in the Governor of Virginia.

No one wants a repeat of what happened in 2020, so this is what you are going to see going forward, an EXTREME focus on ballot and precinct security which ensures that there can be no ballot tampering.

Now, I'M NOT SAYING THERE WAS BALLOT TAMPERING ABOUT TO HAPPEN, but I am saying that it is a good thing that the Sheriff was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure that things were going to be secure. Virginians can rest easy, even the ones who lost, knowing that the election was fair, and neither side can accuse the other of cheating.

This shows that these really are the feelings of the country, there was no tampering, no collusion, no cheating, and that means really bad things for the Democrats.

They have awoken a sleeping giant named America, and as many people have found out in the past, that is something you never want to do.

They know that 2022 is going to bring a lot of political change, and the panic you are about to see will confirm that they know it.

You cannot fake the reaction that you will see in the next four months.

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