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Blocking Roads Is Wrong. Who Does It Makes NO Difference.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I want to start by expressing my support for the sentiment of the Canadian Truckers. I agree with them completely and hope that what they have done will have an overall positive effect on their country and on the entire world. I do not, in any way, fault them for their message or cause.

That said, what I do have a problem with is their chosen method of expression. You do not get what you want by infringing on other people, that principle does not change just because your cause is just unlike other causes who have used the same tactics.

If blocking roads is bad when BLM and ANTIFA does it (which it is), then it does not suddenly become ok simply because someone that I agree with does it. Principle matters, IT HAS TO MATTER. Because if principle does not matter, then there is a legitimacy in the charge of racial animus being behind what people are or are not willing to support.

To put it more plainly, I hope these truckers are able to bring down the Trudeau monarchy... er oligarchy... er dictatorship... wow, my words are failing me. I am not sure there is a legitimate word that covers all of the bases on this one.

There are always other options. Perhaps the truckers could have simply staged a park in at a place where they would not have been blocking people. The lack of transportation would have had a similar effect on the government without dragging their fellow Canadians into the fracas unwillingly.

Yes, you heard me right, even when I agree with the reasoning, I will not call what is wrong right.

In as much as that, I find it interesting that people on the left are cheering the removal of the trucks by force when those same people were crying out that BLM and ANTIFA road blockers should be protected by police instead of being broken up by them. Consistency and principle matter, or they do not, pick.

If you pick not, then you have shown yourself to be a complete partisan and have nullified your own voice and ability to speak into any situation, so thanks for playing.

The government in Canada has overstepped its bounds and authority morally, but here is the catch, they have not done so according to Canada's constitution. Therein lays the biggest difference. In America these actions would be wrong because they are Unconstitutional. In Canada, they are not. So when it is not covered by your social contract, well, you get what you get.

That is to say, again, that I get why it is happening. My heart goes out to these truckers who are facing losing their jobs, and potentially their ability to legally operate ANY motor vehicle. What the Canadian government is doing is reprehensible, and it makes me THANK GOD ALMIGHTY that we have protections here in America that protect our individual liberties. Yet while one could say that this was a battle that should be picked, it is also wise to consider how you have chosen to fight.

Oh yes, and before you give me that junk about turnabout being fair play, principle does not allow for such nonsense. If something is wrong, it is wrong. It does not matter if wrong is done for good or evil, wrong is still wrong.

I hope these truckers do, in fact, stage a sit in. I hope they grind the Canadian economy to dust by refusing to participate in it. Heck, park your trucks in some open land area in Saskatchewan and enjoy a major camp out with ice fishing and hockey games. It might be slightly less intrusive, but it would be a correct way to do it.

As I said at the beginning, I hope that good comes out of this, in fact, I will continue to pray towards that end. I will pray for Canada to awaken as a country and to elect politicians who are willing to write some of our protections into their Constitution.

Yet I cannot be upset that the government is protecting the travel rights of the other Canadians who have chosen not to participate. I can only be upset that they have chosen to do that INSTEAD of giving the truckers their medical rights and ending it that way.

It needed to end, unfortunately we have ended up with the wrong ending.

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