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Censorship Has Reached Hollywood Fiction Levels

I remember when digital censorship was a thing of fiction. The idea that the government could digitally manipulate a newsfeed and distribute it to news stations to be played as is, or that those same news medias would collude to edit and omit pertinent information that was critical to understanding the context of what was being reported used to be a conspiracy theory and a cocktail party joke.

It used to be fiction, but with what we're seeing today, you can hardly call it fiction anymore.


We've reached a point where groups like Project Veritas and Wikileaks are becoming legitimate news sources. We've reached a point where reporters and whistle blowers one after another come forward to tell us about how their stories are being censored or edited to omit details that powerful people don't want to let out.

Even the Supreme Court is rumored to be scared to take up cases with regards to Critical Race Theory or the legality of the BLM and ANTIFA protests because they, "don't want that kind of blood on our hands."

When we've reached a point where people are attempting to run a narrative rather than simply provide the American people with the facts and let them discuss and decide how they feel, we've reached a terrible turning point in American freedom.

Big Tech censorship of anything about vaccine side effects, deemed anti-LBGTQ+, deemed anti-inclusionary, something that their liberal censors and "fact checkers" don't like, et al mixed with an ever increasing news media editing bias is something that should make all Americans worried. And yes, this list includes Fox News as well as other conservative outlets as well.

I wrote a blog about a segment between a congressman and a news reporter last Friday, and to this date, the entire video hasn't been made public by anyone. The originating news corp. won't put it out at all, those who have publicized it have edited it (though not in an untruthful way), and the longest video you can find is still incomplete.

That's not how news is supposed to work. Yet it ever increasingly is.

Take for example the virus from Wuhan, China. It was a lab leak, then they decided to squelch anything that might say it was because it was upsetting to the Chinese, then they found out the evidence might be too overwhelming to keep a lid on it, so they allowed it to resurface, and now they're actually publishing stories about it being likely.

In this one story alone you can follow how this big tech, news corp., and government announcement conglomerated amalgamation can sway the entirety of the public in this country. They don't let the facts go out and let the people decide, they attempt to control what the people think by what they say and release and in doing so, they control the people.

I remember getting raked over the coals for not stepping down from my position that this was a lab leak, most likely, because the government said it wasn't, Facebook's "fact-checkers" said it wasn't, and all the news corporations were saying that it wasn't, therefore, I was simply wrong and that was that.

Well, it turns out I wasn't, but will I get an apology from those who were upset with me? Nope, I just get excuses about, "well that's what the experts were saying."

And there it is folks. The "experts" can say whatever they want, they can edit whatever they want to say whatever they want and people will just go along with it because, "they're the experts."

People don't want to research, people don't want to read, people don't want to bother, they just want a nice easy spoonfed newscast that tells them what to think of the facts rather than a complicated newscast that only gives you the facts and forces you to think about what they mean on your own.

And then... they're shocked. Shocked that they would lie to them. Shocked when a reporter leaks that they knew about Jeffery Epstein at least two years before the scandal came out. Shocked when the learn that the virus really might have come from a lab. Shocked when the learn that there are media talking point sheets that go out from the political parties to news stations giving them headlines and phrases that they want them to use when writing/going on air. Shocked when Julian Assange leaks e-mails from Hillary Clinton documenting how she lied, under oath, to the American public, and the news and government knew about it and did nothing. Shocked when Edward Snowden releases information showing just how spied upon we really are.

And I keep asking myself over and over and over again, why are they shocked? Hasn't anyone been paying attention? Hasn't anyone put two and two together?

No, they haven't, because that requires work, and it's just work that people don't want to do.

People just want to go about their lives. They want to just go to work, come home, live and let live, and be comfortable. Let someone else worry about it. Well, that's all well and good, until those people's profiteering and social experiments blow up, and you're left with the bill both morally and fiscally.

I used to wonder how people didn't see the censorship and bias that they are completely steeped in. I don't wonder anymore...

Like Cypher from the movie The Matrix, they like the comfort of the lie, and they'll do whatever it takes to stay in that comfort.

Anyone who tries to pull them out, well, they're the "enemy."

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