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Dining While Jewish...

Photo Credit: CBS News

In America today, you hear many people say what they were doing when something racist happened to them and then adding "...while black." "Driving while black," "jogging while black," "shopping while black" are some of the most common, but this statement has come to symbolize the poor treatment that members of the Black American community have faced during their lives.

It's wrong, full stop.

That's what makes it so hypocritical that the BLM movement and their broader "allies" have not only adopted the Palestinian cause, but that they are now doing to Jewish people the very things that they say happen to them. Dining at a restaurant "while Jewish," well, that can't go unavenged.


In one of the latest reports from Fox News, Jewish diners were attacked for simply sitting outside a restaurant eating dinner. The perpetrators began throwing bottles at the diners while harassing them and then got out to demand that the diners answer "who's Jewish?"

When two of the diners, a pair of men, answered that they were, a fight ensued and one of them grabbed a crowd control station and began to protect both himself and the other diners. What did he get for his trouble? He got rushed and was beaten back to his vehicle, pepper sprayed, and assaulted. His crime? Eating while Jewish.

Another Orthodox Jewish man was walking down the street and was confronted by a mob caravan who began harassing and threatening him because of his Jewish clothing. Imagine if that had been a black person? We'd be seeing it all over the news, cities would be burning, and it would be called a modern day lynching.

Imagine if it had been a Muslim person walking in a traditional robe. All you'd be hearing about today is "Islamophobia" et al. Yet for the most part, silence. Why is that?

The gross and unmitigated hypocrisy is so glaring that it's downright unbearable.

People are even targeting Jewish homes based on the fact that they have hung a Mezuzah (or Scripture Scroll) on their doorpost. Yep, just living somewhere while Jewish is apparently a targetable offense now too.

Yet, here's an interesting thought for you, especially if you think that such an attack is wrong or shouldn't happen. Why is such an attack here any different from such an attack elsewhere?

This is unbelievably mild compared to what happens daily in Israel. Bus bombings, suicide bombs, terrorists busting out of tunnels to start randomly firing into civilian areas, rockets being launched into civilian areas, kidnappings, extortion, fire balloons to burn down crops, et al. If this behavior here is repugnant, then it's repugnant there as well.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise again, and it's time that everyone who has said, "Never Again" each and every Holocaust Remembrance Day to make good on their words, or else they're just that words, empty and meaningless.

Do I mean to go physically assault people? No, and hopefully you never have to defend yourself either, but it is time to stand up and declare that you stand with Israel and their right to both exist and to be free from terror and the murder of their innocent civilians.

The Palestinian land claim is threadbare when compared to the time that Israel held the land. They were just one of many groups who held the land and only really settled it under the Ottoman empire when Britain returned it to the Empire from Egypt in 1832, but even then, there were many events that changed who the Palestinians were including their not even being recognized as a nation or people until the 1980s.

If you believe in science, and archeology, and evidence, then you cannot ignore Israeli claims to the land, and if they own the land, then they have every right to live there as the Palestinians are nothing more than the latest squatters in a seemingly never-ending list of those living in "the land." Heck, the fact that we call it "the land" is based on a Jewish colloquialism out of the Tanak.

So why do they assault them? The answer is they're racist. They're racist against Jewish people, they don't like them, and they want them to suffer wherever they are.

SOME of the descendants of those who fought for their freedom in the civil war, who stood up for their rights as human beings in the 1960s, and who currently claim that racism is the basis of all evil are now engaging in that same behavior, and their movement's allies too.

When you hate, be careful that you do not become that which you hate, for it is far easier to become the evil against which you fight than it is to remain true who you are.

Hate changes people, it always does, and it always will.

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