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Why Can't They Leave? Because The Taliban Needs Slaves

Photo Credit: Andrea Bruce / NOOR, Redux Pictures

We have all heard of the torment of the sex slaves taken by the Taliban and the horrendous things that they do to young women (and young boys) in the areas that they control, but why is it that people never seem to want to talk about the other slavery that always takes place in areas where Jihad movements take control?

That slavery gets ignored because it is just plain old slavery. You know, the kind where you work and then have to give what you produced to someone else and HOPE that they leave you enough to live on (and I am not talking about US taxes, though that is still relevant). That is what many in Afghanistan who are not young enough to be thrown into the horrors of the sex trade have to look forward to.


The Taliban needs poppy growers to fund its illegal opium trade. You do not believe that those are Taliban fighters or leaders doing menial labor do you? The Taliban needs farmers to feed its "warriors." But you do not believe that THEY would dirty themselves with that kind of manual work do you?

Oh yes, and since many of them still do not have wives (gee I wonder why), they feel like they are entitled to someone to cook, clean, and care for their "homes." Yep, you guessed it, domestic servitude. (With something on the side to add insult to injury)

Ditto many other jobs. You do what the Taliban tells you to do, when they tell you to do it, and without questioning why. If they assign you to work in the power plant without training so you get injured, you do it. If they assign you to do this or that, regardless of the danger, you do it. Everything goes through them and only happens with their permission.

Sounds like communism to me, which is already a form of slavery, but they add insult to it by also telling you that it is the will of God that they do it because the person enslaved is horrible because they are not a Jihadi Fighter.

Oh yes, the psychological traumas are just as real and the physical ones.

This is why the Taliban has broken its promise that it brokered with the Afghan Government and President Trump, and why they have thumbed their nose at Joe Biden's administration's attempts to get them to let more of the Afghan people through. Simply put, they know everyone wants to leave, and they also know that if they do, that they will not have enough SLAVES to run the country they way that they want.

And yes, they are willing to keep Americans there and force them into it too.

You see, in their world, and under their control, there are the fighters and the slaves. You are one or the other.

Yet I suppose people should be glad to be a working slave...

It is better than being a sex slave.

What a horrible fate we have left those people with.



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