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Does It Look Like Cuba Is Protesting COVID-19?

Photo Credit: NBC News / Reuters

I'm genuinely curious what everyone who lambasted Trump's press corps as liars think of the entirety of the Biden Administration and their constant attempts to spin things into absurdity.

In the latest from the "what the heck did I just read files," Julie Chung, of the Department of State, who oversees all state maters in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE, tweeted that Cubans were protesting for COVID-19 vaccinations and medical care.

Can you get any more ridiculous?


Here is the tweet itself:

Now, for Truth in Advertising sake, it should be noted that she has stated that if "she tweeted it," it should have a J/C at the end, and this one does not. This likely means that a staffer did it. Yet the tweet is still there, as you can see for yourself by clicking on the tweet above. It's embedded not an image.

This means that at the very least, she is allowing it to stand and is approving of it.

So, let us take Ms. Chung at face value for a moment. Let us assume that this protest is ONLY about COVID-19 relief and that it has nothing to do with the political situation in Cuba from which millions of Cubans have fled. I know it is hard, but hang with me.

If that is true, then they are still protesting a complete failure of a socialistic medical system. If they are protesting in order to GET the vaccine, then they obviously want it, and are trying to get it. That's completely different than here in America.

Yes, I say that because I know someone will try to do some political judo and say that we've failed too because we did not hit President Biden's 75% vaccination rate by the 4th of July, but seriously, even my uncle, who does not own a television, does not own a personal computer, only uses the internet at work, and still reads a physical newspaper every day, knows that the vaccine is free, that he can walk in to Wal-Mart and take it at any time, and that it is recommended by every branch of government, military, medical association, et al.

In other words, if you aren't vaccinated in America today, it is because you do not want to be, not because you have to protest for the ability to get vaccinated.

That is what makes the situation in Cuba so different. Even if Ms. Chung is right, it STILL highlights a complete and utter failure of a system which employs an almost perfectly socialistic governance. Cuba's inability to purchase enough vaccine for its population which is given free cradle to grave medical care only further highlights its complete and total inability to care for those who depend upon it for their very survival and direction in all things.

Yet we also know that this is not the case. Ms. Chung is not correct. Cuba is not just protesting for COVID vaccinations, that is a miniscule microcosm of what they are protesting. They are protesting for freedom. They no longer want centralized economic planning. They no longer want centralized and government controlled healthcare. They no longer want to be silent in matters of politics by not being able to hold real and meaningful election.

They are protesting everything that socialism, and coincidentally Ms. Chung, stand for.

But to be honest, she would have to admit that someone is not happy with socialism, and she appears incapable of doing that. Even I can tell you that not everyone is happy with capitalism, that is clear from the protests in our own country, yet here we have a classic and straightforward political deflection tactic being used. She does not want you to think that they are marching against her desired political and social governance, so she makes it about something else entirely.

Or at least she allows the tweet to remain, if you believe that it was truly a "staffer."

I stand will the Cuban people. I have since I became acutely aware of their social issues during the Elián González standoff. That situation caused me to take a good hard look at the Cuba situation, and honestly was a key contributor to my political leanings.

I am 100% behind Cuba's counter-revolution, and as I have stated previously, I will continue to pray that some day both Cuba and Puerto Rico join us in the brotherhood of the United States of America.

We need good people in this country, and by these protests, the Cuban people are once again proving themselves to be just that.

I stand with them.

I always will.



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