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Don Quixote Returns From Mar-A-Lago, Claims Victory Over Evil Dragon Trump!

BREAKING NEWS: Former Knight of the Spanish Crown turned Justice Department agent in charge Don Quixote claims that America is now safe again from the evil dragon Trump whom he claims to have been chasing since 2020 under command of the "Kingdom of America."

Said Quixote, "Truly I was born to be an example of misfortune, and a target at which the arrows of adversary are aimed." When asked what he meant by that, he responded with, "When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?"

He then added, "Until death it is all life."

Quixote's squire was heard saying to another agent, “Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.”

Just then, when our team seemed ready to lose their minds from madness, one of the agents muttered, "I don't know who makes more sense, him or the President..."


Satire is funny only in that it correlates to something real. The problem here is that it does, and that is why there is some humor. The Democrats obsession with Trump can only be described as Quixotic. Somewhere they have mistaken the figurehead for the rank and file, and they assume, incorrectly, that if they can cut the "head off the snake," that they can cause the rest of the movement to fall limp.

Unfortunately, they are simply wrong on all counts, and that is why their quest both is and will continue to be Quixotic.

They make three basic assumptions that are incorrect. I hope to lay them out for you so that you can see the utter futility of what they are trying to do.

1) They assume that they can intimidate Trump into not running again in 2024.

Now, admittedly this is a problem on both sides, as the Republican Party threatened to withhold all legal protection funds if he officially announces before the midterms, but the technique could be considered an artform with how the Democrat Machine has turned it into a no-holds-barred all out full-court-press.

Yet, just as with Don Quixote, the very acts that they do work against their expressed desire.

Trump is a fighter. He LOVES a fight, and he does not back down. He does not get intimidated, even when he probably should, and he will use anything, any perceived slight, as fuel for his revenge machine.

So what do the Democrats do?

Well, rather than just letting him ride off into the sunset and play kingmaker within the Republican Party, which is clearly what the Republican leadership was trying to do to him, they have done nothing but harass and belittle him because they want to intimidate him, but more so his "followers," into political inaction.

But they have miscalculated the depth of Trump's vindictive streak, and his utter desire to not only win, but to destroy any opponent who dares to enter the ring with him. In may ways, though in very different forums, his attitude is not unlike Mike Tyson who once said that it insulted him that anyone would dare to step in to the ring with him and he took it personally.

All of these actions taken by the Democrats are simply going to push Trump further and further into the decision to run again, and rather than facing some Trump like candidate, they will be facing Trump himself whose cult of personality is only growing.

2) They assume that Trump leads the movement rather than represents it.

This is likely their biggest miscalculation. They still do not understand the phenomenon that is Trump. Trump did not "come up with" a message and convince people to follow it, he started saying what people were already saying, but he did it publicly, and loudly, and rode that wave all the way to the Presidency.

That is why making a martyr out of Trump is such a bad idea. Because rather than cutting off the source of the people animosity, you are throwing jet fuel on a fire. Trump is not the fire who ignited the people, Trump is the burning ember that popped out of the fire due to its intensity. Therefore, when you martyr Trump, every single one of the people who say what he says to themselves and their circle of friends feels martyred themselves. They feel EVERY attack on Trump personally.

In other words, rather than turning off the pumps at the gas station when it is on fire, you have essentially turned them on full blast. The people who Trump represents will now fight, even if Trump is nowhere near the ticket. They will guard ballot locations. They' will pay out of their own pocket to bus voters to the polls to vote for him. They will do whatever it takes to win the fight because they do not see the fight as being with Trump, but with them; and that is the thing that the Democrats, with their interchangeable leadership, cannot understand.

You see, that is one of the fundamental differences between the two groups. Liberals are lead by their leaders. They follow them, learn from them, mimic them, and ultimately become little adaptations of the person they follow.

Conservative leaders grow OUT of a group, and then represent it. Because they are CONSERVATIVE, the values and ideas of the group do not change quickly or without reason. Therefore, those representing them often SOUND like they are setting the agenda when the are actually just leading the charge.

As long as the Democrat party sees Trump as the head instead of the tail, they will continue to misread and misunderstand why and how he connects to his people.

3) They assume that people's faith overall in government remains high.

This may be an odd one, as most know the polls, but those who see government in a positive way would argue that people's faith in THIS government is low, not people's faith in government overall. The problem with that is that people universally are polling as distrustful of government, even when their own party is in power, and at just about every level.

The reaction to the Mar-A-Lago raid by Andrew Cuomo and Andrew Yang are just two of many high profile cases of the Democrat Party seeing this event for what it is: a big bold yellow highlight of everything Trump has been saying all along of the "swamp" wanting to get rid of him.

So, you have a government who is distrusted, polling continues to not only confirm that, but show that things are going downward, and then they launch an unprecedented raid, that is being condemned on all sides as unnecessary and bullying. I am telling you, the only person happier about seeing the FBI Agents at Mar-A-Lago than Trump was his prospective 2024 campaign manager.

They could not have gift wrapped him a better campaign aid:

"Don't trust the government? I get it. Here's why you can't! Vote for me and let's turn this around!"

Even if you do not believe in him, you can easily see that it would make a powerful ad that would sway millions in the middle.

THE LEFT JUST PROVED TRUMP RIGHT, and they do not even seem to know that they did it, at least not those so drunk on power that they are seeing windmills as dragons and imagining crowds of cheering adulants instead of seeing distrustful peasants who want them gone. They just giftwrapped the Republican nomination for Trump, if not the White House in 2024.

In fact, two separate instances amused me yesterday.

I got a message online from a political conversation partner that I have talked to for years. He is a liberal, albeit a moderate one, and we do not often agree on much. That said, he called the event a "facepalm moment" for the Democrats and predicted that it will lead to a lot more red seats in the 2022 mid-terms than would have been.

A party insider of mine, from a northern state, walked into a shop and saw a friend who he NEVER talks politics with because they are such opposites and it would not work out well. His friend, however, broke the unspoken rule. He walked up, extended his hand, and said, "I'd like to congratulate you on Trump's 2024 Presidential victory." Even he sees what this was and how it is going to very much hurt the political chances of the Democrat Party.

They do not get it. They never have. They likely never will.

Trump has always positioned himself as the ULTIMATE OUTSIDER, and with what they just did, the Democrats put their stamp of approval on that claim.

They could not have done a nicer thing for him.

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