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Erect The Political Barricades

A Drawing Depicting The Barricades of The French Revolution.

Ok, I know I'm going to get a bunch of hate for this, but at some point, logic must begin to dictate our actions and responses, not emotionalism.

We are upset the Trump lost, I GET THAT, but it was already shaky to believe that the election fraud would be proven to the point that it would overturn the election and now we are beginning to hurt ourselves in the one thing we can still effect, namely, the Senatorial run-offs in Georgia. If we lose those, we have no way to stop the Joe Biden agenda, and that is what we have to ensure that we are able to do above all else.

I know you feel betrayed by the "conservatives" who voted against Trump because he doesn't speak nicely. I know that you know that it would be easier to block the liberal agenda if Trump were President rather than Biden. Yet despite knowing all of that, I have to write what I'm writing, even if it makes me sick to have to do so.

It's time to fall back to the barricades. It's time to retreat and to ensure that we are still in a position to resist. When the Democrats refused to do that after Al Gore lost, they ushered in a political trifecta of Republicanism because instead of focusing on what they could do, they kept swinging for the fences and funneled money and attention to the wrong things. We're now in danger of doing the same thing.

All of this energy that we're spending on trying to eek out a win in the Presidential race is much better spent on the still wide open races of the two Senate seats in Georgia. If we lose those, then Vice President Harris becomes the tie breaking vote in the Senate, and we already know that they'll have no problem enacting their agenda on her vote every step of the next four years.

So what can you do about it? Good question. You can start by posting to social media about the races and why people need to go out and vote for the Republican candidates. Maybe you could join the Republican phone bank and call all of the registered Republicans and urge them to vote no matter what. Maybe you can donate to these candidates and their races. I know that they aren't YOUR Senators, but in view of the next four years, they really are OUR National Senators.

We NEED to see it that way.

President Trump is, after all, a Billionaire, and he's got a good legal team. If something is going to happen there, we have to trust HIM to handle it, because there is nothing more WE can do there. The votes are cast, our part is done. Now he and his legal team will have to do the rest.

BUT WE CAN still make a difference!! We can still block Joe Biden from ramming his liberal agenda down the throats of Americans. We CAN use the filibuster to make him a do nothing President, but ONLY if we win those two Senate seats. We can't lose them, or we won't have a barricade to fall back to.

So, my fellow conservatives, I implore you, I beg you, I utterly beseech you, let President Trump handle HIS business, and focus on the business that you can still make a difference in. Rally the troops, do what needs to be done. Build the barricade, and if it wasn't needed, then at least we gave President Trump the Senate again. Yet if it was, at least we'll have something to politically retreat to.

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