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Facebook Type Fact Checkers Are Coming To Our Phones?

A screenshot of Facebook's "Fact Checking" in Action

So, in order to combat, "extremist views and misinformation" with regards to the COVID vaccine, the Biden Administration has announced that it intends to work with cell phone carriers, along with Big Tech and Social media, to "stop the spread of false information."

The very idea should make you shudder. I mean, think about it, how in the world will anyone know if I'm texting, messaging, or e-mailing "false information" to my friends if they are not...

Go ahead, finish that thought, I dare you.


That's right, "reading them" is indeed the end of that sentence. How will they ever know what I'm texting, messaging, or e-mailing my friends if they are not reading them? How is that not chilling to a level we have never experienced in this country before?

I feel dirty even typing such a sentence. I need a shower to wash the USSR slime off of me. I mean what in the "da komrade, ju vil komply" horse manure is this?

Now, I know someone is going to try to throw up a smoke screen and say, "But it is just a bot, not a person. They aren't reading your e-mails if it doesn't contain 'false information.'"

Let me ask you this, who gets to determine what false information is?

Buhler, Buhler, Buhler....

Imagine sending a text to your friend asking them what they think about getting vaccinated for COVID-19 only to receive a government reply on where to get the latest "approved" information? Even before your friend can reply. You are already seeing it on Facebook, and a bot can scan for that just as easily as they can for anything else.

What about when they target "Jesus," or "guns," or "church," or any number of other words that a bot can scan for just as easily as "COVID." Oh, and if you are liberal, how about in 2022 when Republicans take back the congress if they make those words, "BLM," "racist," "facist," "capitalist," "socialism," et al?

You see, our freedom of speech protects us all. The weapons you point at others can be turned around on you and that is why they should never be weapons in the first place.

But more than just that, the Biden Administration has "clarified" that they are not sending "government workers" to go door to door, but rather local community minded "volunteers." This is as if that makes it better.

It really is no different than the Cuban government asking "pro-revolution" citizens to go and meet the anti-revolution citizens in the streets. Everyone knows that this will not end well.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the "target" group that they are trying to reach? It does not exist... if they are being honest. They claim that they are only looking for those who are unaware of where and how to get the vaccine, but that simply cannot be true, because if it is, then our Department Of Health is filled with the biggest bunch of idiots in the world, and I refuse to believe that.

Go ahead, ask around. Ask vaccinated and unvaccinated friends of yours if they know how to get it. You'll be hard pressed to find EVEN ONE individual who does not know that it is free, available everywhere, and encouraged by all governmental sources including the Center for Disease Control.

So who are they targeting if they are not out to coerce anyone into taking it?

If you have not taken the vaccine in America today, it is because you do not want to, not because you do not think that you can.

If you had laid this program out to JFK or even Bill Clinton, you would have gotten slapped down so hard that you would have never been able to work in Washington again. Yet here it is, laid out by their party. Door to door salesmen for a government sponsored program and censorship and digital monitoring of all forms of communication.

Hey check it out, I am going to start using my 1980s note folding skills again. You know, the one we used in school when we would origami the paper and tuck the corner inside to keep it sealed?

Yet, even that is not safe anymore as the FBI is openly asking family members to spy on their family and has opened a portal for them to give "tips" to the government of "extremist behavior." Look, this is straight out of the Communist Manifesto that Stalin, Mao, and Castro followed. I mean, seriously, you cannot make this up.

They are trying to completely control the narrative. You have no more freedom of speech, and if you dare to have freedom of thought outside of what the government deems "safe," they will have to send people to you to "reeducate" you. Oh, it looks nice now, but we all know where this leads.

This kind of program and forcefulness from the government should scare you in ways that you have never been scared before. If it does not, then you clearly need to read some Soviet Union History, or Chinese History, or Cuban History, of Venezuelan History....

Government never releases power, and if we let them get away with this now, then there is no stopping it, only an ever changing definition of what constitutes "extremism" that they have to combat.

Ronald Reagan once famously said that "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

I pray to the Lord above that we aren't seeing that generation today.



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