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Failed Foreign Policy

Vice President Joe Biden, who has claimed the title of President Elect despite the fact that only two counties in the entire country have actually certified their vote and one is about to un-certify it, has already begun to broadcast what his first hundred days will look like. At the center of it, is a full reversal of Donald Trump's foreign policy and social reforms, and today, we're going to examine two specific pieces of that agenda and why they are such horrible ideas.

Yep, you guessed it. We're going to look at the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran Nuclear deal.

Let's start with the lesser of the two evils, namely the Paris Climate Accords. Like most climate accords, this one greatly restricts the United States while not offering similar and compensatory restrictions on the other nations involved in the deal. This has long been an issue for Republicans and Conservatives, and it will likely continue to be as it does not appear that Vice President Biden is ready to renegotiate the deal, but rather to simply jump back in.

I could sit a bore you with charts, data, and an understanding of the international deals, but I want you to actually read this article; so in summary, the two biggest overall polluters, China and India, are not addressed directly and significantly by these accords for years while the US is put on the hot seat immediately, and is required to rework it's entire national energy and manufacturing framework, at a cost of billions of dollars and untold numbers of jobs while they do not. Some, "great deal," eh?

Now, some will immediately cry foul because the US ships its trash to China, and will say that because of that, they have to be given time to come into compliance, but that's a complete non-sequitur. They are compensated for taking care of that trash, not do dump it into the ocean. That would be akin to me paying you to rake my yard and you deciding to just set it on fire since both ways get rid of the leaves. They two are completely unrelated, and as those deals are expiring anyway, they don't hold any bearing on China's need for compliance moving forward.

You see, as much as I think it's wholly unnecessary, IF I believed in man made global warming, I wouldn't accept this deal as it doesn't actually address the problem. IF this truly is the emergency that it is being made out to be, then it's time to get serious about it and not to use it as some kind of global realignment of wealth by allowing China and India to "catch up" while restricting the "western world." As long as there are ANY loopholes that allow ANY country to keep polluting, then you can't even assume that THEY believe their own science, because if they did, they wouldn't allow it.

No, the issue with the Paris Climate Accords are the same as with the Kyoto Accords before it, they always want the US to comply with draconian measures while promising that some day, in the future, maybe, kinda, these other countries will also abide by it, if they want to, because we can't make them, but they're supposed to, so go wreck your economy anyway.

It is complete and total lunacy, and it betrays the very thing that it is supposed to do. It's not only completely ineffective, it's a lie. Don't tell me that this is what it takes to get them to comply, that's like saying that you know some other people who are willing to play Russian Roulette, but only if I go first. No thank you.

The other deal that he wants to revive is the Iran Nuclear Deal. You know, the one that allows them to create and stockpile a "small amount" of weapons grade uranium... for energy production purposes (the rest of which they're getting rid of, wink wink), acquire the technology required to build a bomb, and have everything ready for them to build it because they promised that they wouldn't... for 10 years, and not enrich uranium (wink wink) for 15.

Yep, that's right, they didn't even promise that they'd never build a bomb, or that they would verifiably destroy the technology to do so, just that they wouldn't do it for 10 years and for that, they were given concessions that allowed them to get everything together to build one and to project their power around the world again through the lifting of sanctions.

Yes, we are literally setting ourselves up to deal with an Iran in 10 years that is one days worth of assembly away from acquiring a nuclear weapon. I mean, when even NBC is reporting on how much better things are for the world after pulling out of the Iran deal, that should cause people to stop and think about why we would put ourselves back in a position where Iran is a major player in geo-politics again.

Israel must be fuming, and if there is anything that really WOULD start a war, it's Israel believing that Iran was on the cusp of acquiring a nuclear weapon. Yep, that Iran deal put us on a ten year countdown to WWIII, and now we're getting back into it? Preposterous.

Biden is just doubling down on the abject foreign policy failures of the Obama Presidency. None of his ideas are original, and none of his ideas work, yet, we're supposed to believe that now they will, just because a Democrat is doing it? Umm, no, hard pass, I mean, newsflash, Obama was a Democrat too.

The only hope we have is to keep the Senate, and to scuttle and eviscerate every one of these foreign policy failures that he wants to put us back into. It's sad that we find ourselves there, but everyone in both our country and other countries like Israel will be better served if we do... well, except maybe Joe Biden's pocketbook and his son's business prospects.

But hey, corruption didn't matter when those who voted for him did so, so why should it now?

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