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Georgia Is Calling Out The Biden DOJ

Photo Credit: Fox News - Attorney General Merrick Garland steps away from the podium after speaking at a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, Monday, Nov. 8, 2021. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Well, it was bound to happen, but I guess I am just surprised by how far they are willing to go. What is that? Well, funny you should ask.

Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr, has filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration's DOJ for their ignoring of Georgia's Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) filing with regards to the DOJ's outside collusion with external groups prior to their lawsuit against the State and its new election law.

Georgia claims that the DOJ engaged in an unprecedented collusion with external organizations for the purpose of bringing their lawsuit against the state.

That is not the surprising part, however. The surprising part is the lengths to which the DOJ is choosing to stonewall. If the DOJ believes, as they are claiming, that they did absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever, and that their communications with external groups were completely in line with established historical practices, then why are they not turning over the information. It is not like they can claim "national security" as a defense for defying the filing.

If their exchanges with and information requests to these outside groups were nothing more than is standard within the scope of a Federal investigation, and they did not do anything but request and receive specific information from said groups, then why are they not releasing it? This would be so easy to shut down if they truly had the facts on their side. Release the documents and it all goes away without any issues.

So why are they not doing it?

Well, there are primarily two reasons and neither of them would be good for the Justice Department.

The first, and lesser reality, would be that they solicited "crimes" from these agencies rather than having a crime already in mind and then seeking evidence from these sources. A law enforcement agency, particularly one labeled "Justice" cannot go in search of a crime. They can respond to a crime that is brought to them, but they cannot go fishing for charges.

The second, and far worse reality, is that they colluded with these organizations in an attempt to set up a "run the table" scenario where they first struck down Georgia's law and then bulldozed past them to all of the other states whose laws are the same or more restrictive. (Interestingly enough, that would include Joe Biden's home state of Delaware...)

This would mean that not only did they go fishing for a crime that they did not even know was committed, but that they were in essence CREATING a crime out of whole cloth to allow them to go after others with whom they disagreed. If this were not the case, then the lawsuit would have been against ALL states with similar or harsher laws (including Delaware). Their refusal to go after this broadly shows that they were attempting to create a legal wedge that they could then use against the other states.

After all, once legal precedent is set, it is very hard to reverse.

So I come back to the original question. Why are they not releasing the documents?

Well, the only likely answer is that Merrick Garland does not want the nation to see how partisan he truly is.

And to think that he was almost on the Supreme Court.

Guess we got lucky there.



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