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History Lesson: The Palestinians VOTED For Hamas

Photo Credit: Times of Israel

How many times have you heard that the Palestinian people are not responsible for the actions of Hamas? Well, if you are anything like me, you have likely heard it more times than you can possibly count. However, this is simply an untrue statement. The fact is that they literally VOTED Hamas into power. That is correct, Hamas has power and funding because they WON an ELECTION. That makes every single person who voted for them responsible for their actions.


For those of you with short memories, let me rewind you to 2006. This is the year that the Palestinian people elected Hamas, a known terrorist organization, to 74 out 132 seats in the Palestinian state Legislative Council.

Hamas took 44.45% of all votes cast, and became a majority government for the first time ever. The next highest party was Fatah (formerly the PLO) which got 41.43% of the total votes, but due to geographic disparity, only got 45 seats in the Council. These results were clear and unambiguous.

Now, some are going to say that they, "had no choice," that the terrorists would have, "killed them had they not voted that way." Yet to say this is to deny the history of Hamas never being voted for in any kind of serious way, and the fact that the PLO/Palestinian Authority/Fatah had won election after election after election without Hamas harming a single Palestinian. They were under no threat, no coercion, they simply elected Hamas. That is who they wanted.

That would be like the United States voters electing the KKK, if it had a military wing to it.

So yes, the Palestinian people do in fact bear blame for what we are currently seeing in Israel. They put a terrorist organization in charge of their nation and they gave them access to all of the foreign aid and national budget that the people of Palestine receive.

Oddly enough (sarcasm), Hamas did not put that money to good use purchasing fuel for their power plants in case of an emergency, or building storehouses for the food aid that they receive from literally the whole world, but rather used that aid and those funds to purchase weapons and arm fighters with both guns and anti-armor weapons.

Do you know that one shot from an AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher costs between $2,500 and $3,000?

So before you go on record saying that these are innocent people who have nothing to do with Hamas' terrorist actions. You might want to reconsider the facts.

If Israel is to blame for electing pro-war politicians, as many in the world continue to say they are, then so are the Palestinians for electing Hamas.

At least the Israeli government doesn't sanction terrorist activities.

But hey, who cares about that when we are electing people to fight for us, not to administrate our government.

That is what the Palestinians did in 2006, and these are the results.

They are not blameless.

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