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How Biden's Debt Forgiveness Is Failing The Poor

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As always with liberals, they say one thing, and something completely different happens.

Let us, for a moment, examine Biden's student debt forgiveness, intended to help those poor struggling former college students, through the eyes of a recipient.

I have a friend, who lives in New York State, and, believe it or not, is a conservative.

As shocking as that is, however, that is not the point of this article. What happened to him and his family is.

A little over a week ago, he received a letter from the Federal Government stating that his family's $45,000 remaining on their student loans was being forgiven by the government. He called me, and we had a conversation in which I could feel the inner tension that he was struggling with.

He vehemently disagreed with the forgiveness, but what was he to do? Even if he were to tell the government to take a hike, his payments would have been returned to him, and why should he not take it when everyone else was going to? Why should he cut his nose off to spite his face when $45,000 was nothing to the Billions of dollars that this was going to cost us?

He asked all of the right and pertinent questions.

"Why should he get this debt forgiven when those who went to trade school do not?"

"Why does he get this when he and his family are doing fine?"

"Why should someone else have to pay for his family's educational bills when they do not benefit?"

And a few others that I will not list because they are personal in nature.

Yes, even though he benefits from this, he understands the blatant unfairness of it all. He is benefiting while many others across the country who never went to college at all are losing. He gains, they get nothing except more debt piled on them and their decedents.

And when you extrapolate this out, you cannot even say that it makes society better as many of the degree being paid for are ridiculous things like gender studies or some other such nonsense. We are not paying for the degrees of teachers, doctors, lawyers, and the like by in large anymore; because those are either paid off or mostly paid off. The majority of the unpaid degrees being forgiven are mostly useless and the people are not even working in their field of study.

So, no benefit for society, but lots of costs vs. benefits for those with degrees who likely have jobs which allow them to pay them off, while nothing for those who cannot.

Which brings me to the second story.

I have a family member who had approximately $40,000 in total student debt. They could not afford to pay it, and they went into default. Now, you might think that someone like this would benefit from Biden's plan, but hold on to your seat, because your mind is about to be blown.

First, this family member would not qualify because they were in default or had been in default sometime within the last five years prior to the forgiveness. This rule pretty much guarantees that the people who NEED the forgiveness most will not get it.

Second, this person never finished college due to medical reasons. I mean, they had a crazy surgery, usually reserved for 80+ year old people at the age of 20 and could not finish. Their loans went into default and they had been trying to play catch up for years.

Which brings me to my third point of disqualification. This person had their taxes confiscated by the Department of Education for three straight years and part of a fourth in order to pay back the loans. Yep, that is correct, they are now debt free, but at great cost to them and their family. So even if they were to qualify by some miracle, they would not get ANY of that money back, because they were already paid up prior to the forgiveness.

You see, most of the people who are in need of the forgiveness cannot qualify, and IF anyone should qualify, it should be those most in need, but that is not how this works, and there is a reason for that.

To whit: why would Biden give money away to the poor that he can already count on to vote for him, at least in his own mind?

No, these loan forgivenesses, and the letters that accompany them right before an election, are targeted at the middle class families across America and are nothing more than an attempt to buy their vote with more bread and circuses.

This is not about helping people, it is fully about buying votes for Biden in the all important Independent category which they hope they are impacting by giving money away to the middle class while ignoring the poorest who need it most.

AND, to add insult to injury, they still are pushing the, "everyone needs to go to college narrative."

You got it, while our nation is facing a near future shortage of plumbers, electricians, auto-mechanics, jet mechanics, pilots, and so many other trade specific jobs, they are still trying to get everyone to go to college and get a degree in whatever strikes their fancy.


The current trend in large corporate structures is away from degrees, and particularly away from degrees that do not DIRECTLY AND SPECIFICALLY apply to that job and towards job specific certifications (PHR, SHRM, MCSE, et al) that prove that the person can do the work that their resume says that they can.

So why will the Federal Government not put as much of an emphasis on trade schools under the Democrats?

Why do they keep pushing for everyone needing to go to an academic post secondary school?

Simple, they know that those that go in come out indoctrinated more often than not, so they will keep throwing money at people to buy votes and get them into those centers.

Like all of it, it is not about helping people at all, but rather about politics and propaganda.

Welcome to today's Democrat Party.

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