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I Wanted To Write About Anything Else, Butt...

Photo Credit: Flag and Cross

I'm just curious how many times the New York DA's office said the word "butt" yesterday during their press conference. I've never heard a slang word like that used at a national press conference, yet there it was on full display for the world to hear. Butt, maybe that was necessary for the reality of what was happening to sink it.

The Governor of New York State had sexually assaulted eleven women, butt the New York State DA's office was not going to convene a Grand Jury. Nope, they called it a "civil matter," and left it to the county or city DA's to bring the charges. In other words the State DA said, "I do not want to wreck my chances of running for governor because I know that the smear campaign will be directed against me, so someone else do it."

This was the penultimate punt, and I can, without a doubt, call it a coward's move.


Cuomo's now famous 2013 tweet says it well:

Hey Andrew (sorry, you no longer deserve the respect that I once held for you because of your position), you still feel this way? I mean, we should #BelieveAllWomen right? Even your State DA said so before she decided NOT to convene a Grand Jury to do her job.

Yeah, we believe women, butt we will not do anything about it when they are injured...

As long as the perpetrator is a Democrat...

Former President Trump was raked over the coals for tête-à-tête in which he inappropriately mentioned women for four straight years.

He was threatened with impeachment for a consensual sexual relationship with a former Adult Entertainment Actress.

He was no saint, in fact, you would be hard pressed to call him a good person if you can at all, based on his past; butt make no mistake, if a report came out from any DA, especially the NYS DA, the state in which he has residency, that he had sexually harassed or assaulted eleven women...

They would have marched a cadre of police officers to the White House calling him a "flight risk" and demanded that he spend his pre-trial days in jail (though it never would have actually happened, the Kabuki Theater would have been God awful).

This all does not even begin to mention the media. CNN is rightly being called out by all media outlets (not just Fox) for their mixed signals on this one and quasi-butt covering that they have done in downplaying this.

Let me get this straight... Andrew Cuomo deserves the presumption of innocence with a report detailing eleven assaults, but Donald Trump does not because he said inappropriate words that were EQUATED to "rape culture" and sexual assault?

So, real sexual assault is ok as long as you do not participate in "rape culture" talk?

Here's the thing, if you could get a man to be completely honest, he's said something similar to his friends at some point in his life. Heck, he maybe even said it about his current significant other. Even if the words never left his lips I promise you they crossed his mind.

Biology is what biology is. Even if our God given intellect can overrule it.

I think that is what disappoints me the most about the press conference the other day. The message it sends is that APPEARANCE is everything. What you do in private apparently does not matter as long as you do not have the APPEARANCE of being a part of the "rape culture." Never mind that you are ACTUALLY sexually assaulting women.

How do I reconcile this to my daughters? How do I tell them that what Trump did was wrong (which it was beyond a shadow of any doubt), butt what Cuomo did was ok?

How do I tell them that a man's words are more important than his actions. That they should be more upset by a man calling them a dirty name than putting his hands on their most intimate parts?

I cannot, and I will not, even if the District Attorney of New York State will.

It is beyond reprehensible.

Talk about a pain in the butt...

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