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If The Election Was Fair, Where Are The Biden Voters?

Then Candidate Biden holds a rally in Muscatine, Iowa during the 2020 election process.

All that we have heard since the conclusion of the 2020 election is how Biden won, and did so in a historic fashion. Eight million more votes than Obama had ever gotten in an election. The highest number of independent voters in Democrat history. Etc. Etc.

Supposedly this was a mandate win to undo the Trump agenda. Ok, I am still unconvinced, but let us go with that and assume that it is true. Yes, you heard me right, I am going to cede that battle ground and let you have it, because if so, then there is even more trouble in paradise for the President than the Democrats know.

You see, as anecdotal as my evidence may be, it is becoming harder and harder to find someone who will willingly and openly admit to voting for Biden outside of those who are clear Democrats or who hated Trump on a visceral level. I often have to ask directly, "well, who did you vote for in 2020?" I did not have to in 2020, people practically screamed it at me.

Now? Well, that is a different story.

So what is true? Where is the truth?

Are these people right and they did not vote for Biden (thereby making the election illegitimate) or are they lying about who they voted for because in the end they are ashamed to say that they got duped by Biden and the Democrats into believing that he could do the job better than Trump?

Either way, it is bad news for the Democrats.

Buyers remorse is common in politics. People regret voting for someone all the time. Lots of people who voted for Trump regretted the decision based on how he acted and his childish tweets, but when I asked them if they would vote for him again given the circumstances, they almost always said yes. Right now, I am asking the same of Biden voters and getting a different answer. That should really worry Democrats with the 2022 mid-terms only eight (8) months away.

If that buyers remorse goes beyond simply not liking some aspect of your candidate, but actually crosses over into a full scale, "oh no, what did I do," it can cause a severe hesitancy in the next election when making the same or similar choice; and that can have disastrous down ballot results too.

So that is what the Democrats have to worry about now.

Even if the election was completely and totally legitimate, their bungling of the country and economy/society destroying policies have caused many to recoil from not only their party, but their candidate that they voted for in the election, even over the evil Trump.

And therein lays the biggest problem for Democrats. The evil specter of Trump is no longer powerful enough to cover the stench of their policies and politics. Without a constant ability to virtual signal against his "evil incivility," they have nothing to offer but country and moral destroying politics.

People are already beyond fed up, and to the point where they are denying who they voted for...

In an election year...

Eight months from the election...

With control of both the House and Senate on the line...

Wow, Biden has squandered everything that his party built up with its anti-Trump rhetoric.

It could not have happened to a more deserving political bloc.

By the way, please pass the pop-corn. I do not want to miss this show.

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