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No Media At The Border?

Imagine it, Donald Trump takes a border tour, but when he does, all media are banned from the event. Now, imagine that he takes that further, and issues an order banning all media from the border in general and from all operations taking place. In fact, he moves them back so far, that even the shots of the facilities that they were getting they can't get anymore because they're that far away.

Now imagine it's real, except it isn't Donald Trump, it's Joe Biden doing it.


Do you see the double standard yet? Yes, some media outlets are reporting on it, but if Donald Trump were in office, you'd have a 5 minute segment on every half hour news alert showing a big flashing timer of how long it had been since the media was allowed to tell you about what was going on at the border. Every talking head would be doing backflips to get your attention to tell you how immoral and wrong whatever is going on is because they won't let you see it.

Yet, because it's Biden, we hear the obligatory story about it, on the 5 o'clock news, and that's it. They MIGHT get a mention from a talking head who has a passion for border issues, but the other hosts will jump in to defend the government and President Biden from them if they get too uppity.

How have we allowed the media to get to this point? To this kind of bias? They took walkthroughs of the "cages" that Obama and Biden built and blamed them on Trump in hour long specials, and they were allowed to do so even though the Trump administration knew how they would slant it.

But we have yet to see the "butterflies painted on the walls" of the "container housing units" that these immigrants are being "sheltered in." We've just supposed to take their word for it, and the "investigative journalists?" Well, they're finding excuse after excuse for why they are being left out. They might squeak a bit, but the reaction is watered down to the absurd compared to what it would be under Trump.

And there-in is the difference. Trump gets lampooned for walking too slowly down an incline on SNL and in the media, yet when Biden falls up the stairs, multiple times, there are either crickets or a defense.

When Trump is in office they're "cages." When Biden is in office they're "housing units."

When Trump is in, he's shown as being inhumane for stopping the reason for the influx of immigrants and from preventing them from taking that insanely dangerous journey. When Biden is in, he's lauded as a humanitarian for putting policies in place that entice people to take that perilous journey, or worse, to send their children unaccompanied on it.

When Trump says the border is closed, he's a racist. When Biden's HHS Secretary says it, it's a "response to the surges that we're seeing."

The media double standard on this issue is beyond appalling. It should turn your stomach. Yet for many it won't, because their guy is being made to look like a hero.

But be careful, what they do to someone else they can, and likely will, do to you as well. What goes around comes around, and that should scare the left.

Trump's new social media platform that's coming definitely should.

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