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No, Trump Didn't Sabotage Your Second Stimulus

Senator Bernie Sanders - Photo Credit: Boston Globe

One of the biggest rallying cries against Donald Trump was that he didn't care about the suffering people who were being crushed by the COVID shutdowns. The Democrats talked at length about how the President didn't even try to negotiate with them and how they tried, "everything they could to get a deal done for the American people."

Well, a very unlikely source has just blown that right out of the water.

In an interview with CNN, Senator Bernie Sanders said that he is upset with the Democrat Party's leadership for walking away from the negotiations with President Trump and his $1.8 Trillion stimulus bill. He then went on to criticize them for now going along with Mitch McConnell's Republican plan for a $908 Billion stimulus which does not include any direct stimulus payments to the American people.


Yep, you heard that right, they left an offer of $1.8 Trillion on the table to rot in order to keep it from being a victory for Trump in the election while letting the American people languish and suffer, and are not even fighting for those same people now they they've gotten their votes for Joe Biden's Presidency.

Feel used yet?

So they lied about Trump's willingness to help the American people, just to win an election, and then have the gall to turn around and support more shut downs while not even fighting for the stimulus payments necessary to make that happen? Do they think there will never be another election in our country? Do they truly believe their victory is final?

Once again we see that you can't trust what the politicians are saying, only the policies they support and are putting into place. This is EXCATLY why policy must always win against personality. A bad person doing good things is better than a nice person who will stick a knife in your back as soon as it's expedient for them.

Now the Democrats want a win for Biden, they want to present him as working for the people even before he takes office. That he's making life easier for the American people. This looks like low hanging fruit, and it'll be spun into a win. And the people suffer for their political victory. Yet again, just more kabuki theater.

If you voted for Joe Biden, it really is on you to hold him accountable. I hope your Democrat senator or congressman will listen to you, but we all know that they tend to follow along party lines anyway. Yes, that goes double if you're a Republican who voted for him. There's no point in calling your Republican representatives, they're already fighting on the right side. You'll have to try to get the party that you voted for to do the right thing. Good luck.

Policy is king, policy is always king, and when policy isn't king, you end up with what we've got now. For the record, I agreed with President Trump and not Mitch McConnell about the stimulus when McConnell first proposed this $908 Billion bill in response to the President's bill that paid families, but now that Biden is siding with McConnell against what Trump wanted, it looks like that's what we're going to get.

Hope you've got your job back, there isn't anything more coming.

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