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Reap The Whirlwind

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Repeatedly during the last election I begged, I plead, I practically groveled with my moderately Conservative brethren to not stay home, or worse, to vote for Joe Biden. I passionately debated and argued with my independent friends not to let personality over rule policy as I knew that they didn't support most of the extreme liberal agenda. I let it be known to everyone who would stop and listen for longer than 30 seconds that the Democrats must not retake the White House because of how extreme their agenda had become.

The resounding response?

"It won't be that bad." "Congress will keep him in check." "We still have the Senate." "That 's our penance for voting for someone like Trump." "Joe Biden is a Moderate (still my favorite lie)." "It's all for show during an election year."

Well, now Biden is in office, and we're seeing the fruit being born from that tree.


We've already endured: Increased COVID restrictions, deficit spending on a scale un-imaginable (even by Trump and that's saying something), trillion replacing billion as the new price for Federal action, executive action on gun control (what a farce of a term), a tax increase on both citizens and corporations, an expansion of welfare programs, an explosion of unemployment benefits that incentivize people not to go back to work, a major immigration crises created out of whole cloth, American vaccines and social safety dollars going to illegal immigrants whom the Biden Administration claims are being sent back at a 90% rate (if that's true, then all of this money and vaccines are just more incentive to take the trip), and all that is not to mention that they've removed all caps and restrictions on abortion and abortion providers once again paving the way for America to lead the world in infanticide and the murder of an untold number of innocent human lives simply for parental convenience so we can have more sex.

Now, as if all of that weren't enough, on the horizon there is: A $10T for "green" infrastructure deal, a study for reparations that are expected to cost $15-20T, an "Assault Weapons Ban," the packing of the Supreme Court which they want to expand to 13 (Which will only last until the next Republican President who will then pack it again. How long until we're like these banana republics with 200+ "judges" on their high court?), a Federal takeover of all school curriculums to ensure that it "meets the standard," carbon restriction limits which threaten to fundamentally change the lives of all Americans, a new fight being picked with Russia, a revival of the Iranian nuclear deal that all but guarantees them nuclear weapons in 10 years, a relaxation of trade with China allowing them to continue concentration camps against their own population, a restoral of aid to the Palestinians in full (which only means a return to rocket and mortar attacks against Israel), repealed the ban on CRT training (leading to increased racism), allowing transgender troops to serve openly in the military again (which was already proven to be cost prohibitive and detrimental to the mission), and we haven't even hit 100 days.

The Biden Administration has also said that it intends to: Study whether or not to remove the US from the UN's Human Right's council because of "systemic racism," donate trillions of dollars to Central American countries (that we're borrowing) to make it so people don't want to immigrate, look and see if they can remove tax exemptions from religious organizations who don't meet the government's "belief standards," expand both welfare programs and constitutional "rights" to non-citizens, "modify" the filibuster (to the point where it is pointless), study how to remove fossil fuels from all vehicles on American roads...

... that I won't get in to because I think the point has been thoroughly made, and there is no point beating a dead horse.

This is a "moderate?" This is a guy who "will be held in check by congress?" THIS "is all for show?"

Hardly, and I think it's time that those who voted for Biden, "because he was a nicer guy," to look in the mirror and assume the responsibility that is due their decision. They made all of this possible, and though they'll try to blame Conservatives for putting up Trump, they're the ones who voted for Biden or stayed home denying Trump their vote. They, directly, are the reason why we are where we are now since we all knew the Democrats were going to vote for Biden with zero defectors.

This is always the end result of valuing personality over policy. When the cool guy wins the election because he's popular, then our voting has become no better than a grade school student council election, except with resoundingly more disastrous consequences. This is the fruit of the political correctness tree, and we are all suffering, and will suffer more for it.

I like to always say that there is still hope for our country, and there still is, however it's far enough away that the question has to be, "how much damage will they be able to do before we can get in a fix it?"

I wish we weren't going to have to find out the answer to that question.

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