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Socialism In People's Minds Vs. Socialism In The USSR

Normally I write what people today would consider a "novel" trying to convince people of what I know to be true and right, but today, I'm just going to let the facts and photos speak for themselves.

We're going to use images from the most successful fully Socialist country to ever arise on planet Earth to help people understand what we mean when we say, "making everyone equal in misery." That country? The USSR.

I did not pick China because they introduced a capitalist market in their own country to become their own counterweight, and it has saved a large segment of their society from some of these horrors, though they still have many of their own. That is why I picked the USSR.

Sure, it is easy now to say that they collapsed, but like all socialist states, they cannot survive on their own without a capitalistic nation to feed off of. That said, they were still the largest country ever to house, feed, provide medical care, and all other forms of socialistic "care" for their people.

So, without further ado:


What people today think socialistic housing looks like:

Here is what the Soviet Tenements actually looked like:

Bonus, here's are current Cuban ones:

Photo Credit: USA Today

Here is what people think socialism's daily food distribution looks like:

Here is what real MONTHLY Soviet food ration looked like. This picture is from Poland which was a "colony" of the USSR:

What people think social services will be like:

What social programs really looked like in the Soviet Union, again from the 1980s:

Bonus, here's Cuba modern day:

Photo Credit: New York Times

Here is what people think they'll get technologically under Socialism:

Here is what technology the average Soviet citizen had despite the fact that at the same time the average American family owned 1.5 TVs, multiple phones, Atari Video Game consoles, and some even had personal computers. By the way, this is the inside of one of those Tenement "apartments."

The cars people think they'll get under Socialism:

The kinds of cars that were driven in the USSR while the USA was driving Cameros, Mustangs, Cadillacs, and all manor of other luxury cars:

So many young people today are completely disconnected from how disparately the Soviet Union lived to those in America. They do not remember hearing about a six person family living in a two room tenement. No, not a two BEDROOM tenement, but a two room tenement. When you lack context for how much suffering socialism has brought to ITS OWN PEOPLE, it becomes easy for you to be convinced that "this time it'll work."

Here's the thing, you can decry human greed all you want, but you'll never get rid of it. Capitalism is the only system that has ever harnessed that negative trait in a way that positively benefits people. Since the best workers, thinkers, musicians, et al will never put in more than anyone else if they can never make more than anyone else, all you will ever get is mediocrity as the second and even third tier guys scramble to grab power because they can because the guys at the top do not find it all "worth their time."

It has happened again and again and again, and the people are always the ones to suffer.

They always will.

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