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Star Wars "The Acolyte" Is The Left's World View In A Nutshell

I was listening to a liberal take on why Star Wars' the Acolyte series was being attacked, and while the person was talking, I had an epiphany!

Why is the left coming unglued about the pointed criticism of the show and its abysmal audience score on any site that ranks them?

Simple, this show is their entire world view in a nutshell and you are not only not accepting it, you are stomping on it, or worse yet in their mind, laughing at it.


Now, this blog tries to give credit where credit is due, and there have been a number of people already speaking into this space, and there was one specific person who really distilled it down for me, and he goes by the moniker Disparu on YouTube (content warning: language and theme). The specific video I watched is here:

I want to give an honorable mention to content creators Mike Zeroh and the Echo Base Network for their fine reporting and commentary on these events as well.

Honestly? I'm not enjoying watching a franchise that was such a crazy big part of my childhood be destroyed right in front of me. I slept in Star Wars sheets, had all the toys, played Jedi with my friends while holding a stick, and so much more.

In some ways, Star Wars defined my childhood.

So you can imagine my excitement when Lucas sold the franchise to Disney who promised to do what Lucas appeared either incapable of or unwilling to do: to capitalize on the franchise and produce enough content to meet the demand for more stories from a galaxy far far away.

Except, they did not do that. At least not in a way any Star Wars fan expected.

What they did was attempt to dismantle everything Lucas created in order to rebrand it and create their own thing that they called, "Star Wars." Heck, the sequel trilogy was stated as being the end of the Skywalker line so that they could tell new stories.

Ummm, guys, the expanded universe did that for years without having to engage in this nonsense.

Which, in large part, is how we get to where we are today. I will not go into everything, there is far too much to cover in a blog series, let alone a single post, but Disney stopped caring about Star Wars BEFORE they bought it. They bought it to be a vehicle for them to deliver their agenda, and thought they could use it to that end.

Well, they were wrong.

Disney thought that they could re-forge the Star Wars brand into something akin to Mickey Mouse, that is, that it would put its arms around everyone and everything and draw audiences from every corner of society...

Except to do that, they killed everything about Star Wars that made it Star Wars, and every one of these things listed below is more than apparent in this franchise killing abomination that is currently nothing but one huge dumpster fire.

Good vs. Evil? Nope! Good and evil are just constructs of society and everyone is a little of both and fluctuates between them constantly.

Diversity tolerance taught through alien life forms? Nope! Instead we have to have forced diversity to the point where even a five year old can see it transparently. When the NY Times headlines your show as being about "Lesbian Space Witches," you know you have LOST what Star Wars is.

Strong female characters who do not have to preach about inclusion but who show it just by leading? Nope! We have a show full of social preaching ad nauseam which simply forces more and more people to just turn off their TV.

Action and adventure? Nope! In a ham handed attempt to heighten suspense, they end up just walking, walking, walking, and yep, you guessed it, more walking. This show is about as boring as watching paint dry, and when they do create an action scene, it is dry. lifeless, and predictable.

Even their attempts at plot twists are shameful.

Do you remember learning that Luke and Leia were siblings? Talk about Earth shattering.

Even Harrison Ford did not know.

Every plot twist in the Acolyte is forced and cookie cutter. You end up saying to yourself, "of course they did, that was the most obvious thing."

BUT, that is not really why the left is upset!!

What they are really upset about is that the broader audience is not embracing this. They feel that all of the flaws of the show should be overlooked because of the world view it is promoting.

Heck, find me one single DEI narrative that this show does not include:

Socialism & Communalism? Check

LGBTQ+? Check

Women being oppressed by men? Check

Amoralism? Check

Relativism? Check

FORCED Diversity? Check

I mean, this show is literally a liberal intellectual feast!!

And it is being completely rejected and trashed.

This is something that they cannot understand and refuse to accept.

One of the reaction videos I was watching had a gentleman... er person... er being... crying because in his words, "...this isn't just my world, to me this is THE world." (emphasis his, I am trying to recrate his feeling and inflection)

Except for the VAST majority of people it is not.

Once you step outside of the left coast echo chamber, you find that most people go about their daily lives without thinking about any of the above mentioned topics. In fact, they seem to live just fine going about life as they always have, even if they have to socially try not to step in the steaming dog pile of leftist social propaganda that is everywhere they look.

The reality is that the rejection of this show proves that the moral majority still exists, even if it has been beaten down into passive submission.

The question is, how much longer will it stay like that? From the scores and voices rising up against almost every Disney project, especially the ones that force progressivism on them, maybe it will not be much longer.

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