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State's Rights to Center Stage Please...

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Well, in all likelihood, we've reached the point that I've wished we'd never reach. It looks like the Democrats will have full effective control of the government with the senate being tied 50/50 and Vice President Harris having the deciding vote in the Senate. This is, of course, barring what at this point could only be described as a political miracle heretofore unseen. Could it happen? Sure, and pigs could evolve wings and fly, but don't expect it, you'd only be fooling yourself.

How did we get here? Well, simply put, people were so focused on Donald Trump that they forgot about the Senate. We forgot the lesson of Bush v. Gore when the Democrats did the same thing and had the same result. Well, the best predictor of future outcomes is past outcomes, so here we are, and now we just have to buckle up.


So what comes next? Well, that's always the question isn't it. For now, I'm going to forgo any talk of "revolution" or armed conflict, not because I don't think it's possible, but because I don't ever want to see it and so the goal is to talk about what things OTHER than armed conflict could lead to.

The biggest way out of this, without any violence, is for states to reclaim their sovereignty. What will that look like? Well, one option is outright succession. A succession bill has been introduced in South Carolina again, and this is the second in since 2010 as they also had one in 2013. The main issue? Gun control and a state's right to honor the second amendment of the FEDERAL constitution.

Yet, that's probably the MOST DRASTIC and least realistic way to handle it, and it's also the one most likely to lead to the violence that I was referring to earlier that I desperately don't want to see. So what then is the best path forward?

Simply put, nullification.

California has done this for years on the issue of immigration. They went so far as to declare themselves a sanctuary state. California, Colorado, and many others did this with marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, and other states have also done so recently with amnesty for the rioters (by not arresting them and charging them) against Federal charges of vandalism and destruction of Federal property. So, if they can do it, so can we.

The best way forward is for states like Texas, Idaho, Montana, et al, to declare themselves "sanctuary" states against whatever Federal fiat the Democrats want to pass. Gun Control? Sanctuary State for firearms. CRT curriculums? Sanctuary State for homeschooling and curriculum choice. Universal Health Care? Sanctuary State for citizens health care choices. Abortion? Sanctuary State for the unborn.

These big city population centers want to ram their lifestyle and though process down the throats of the entire rest of the country, and frankly, all we have to do is say, "no," particularly if enough states do it. One state is easy to isolate and punish, many states are harder. Cut off Federal Funds? Cool, no problem, we'll just withhold our Federal tax contributions. Cut off our Federal welfare? Ok, we'll turn the Churches loose without all of the Federal regulations to get it done. This is likely the only way that we can prevent the warmongers on both sides, who want to enact their policy at gunpoint, from tearing each other apart.

Here's the thing that many of the liberals don't seem to get, you cannot convince us to live your way. We've ALREADY rejected it. It's not that we don't get it. It's not that we need to be "better educated," it's not that we "lack understanding of your vision," we've got it, we've reviewed it, and we've rejected it. Lock, stock, and barrel. We don't want it, you can keep it, so shove off.

That's what appears to astound them the most when they connect the dots. They are so firmly convinced that if they could just get us to see the vision we'd get it, except we've seen the vision, and we've rejected it. We understand Utopia is not only a mythical concept, it's a dangerous one, and it's one in whose name all kinds of inhuman acts have been done.

It's time for states rights to return, and big time. That's about the only way we'll get through this four year term with our nation AND populace intact. I DON'T believe that violence is the answer, and until we've exhausted EVERY other means I won't accept it as the answer. The sad thing is, we're a stones throw from it being the only answer, because capitulating to the liberal agenda is the ONLY thing that is unthinkable.

Let us pray that we NEVER get to a point where violence is the answer to anything.

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