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Steve Bannon Is Playing The Democrats And They're Falling For It

When fishing, it is always important to use the right bait. It is hard to fish for trout using ocean shrimp, and it is hard to fish for marlin using trout roe. Yet, while every expert angler will respond to this is with a collective, "duh," the political assembly appears to be wholly unaware of what is happening right before their eyes.

In an attempt to continue to poison the ground against a potential Trump 2024 Presidential Run, the Democrats continue to push the, "insurrection," narrative about January 6th, 2021. This has led to a number of mediocre results both in terms of outcome and in terms of political points; however, their collective decision to continue to press on this nerve, and to attempt to make it stick, has blinded them to a freight train coming their way.

This is likely to be both epically humorous and serve as a political science case study for centuries to come.

For those of you not tracking, the Democrats subpoenaed Steve Bannon, Trump's "Political Strategist," to have him testify before the congress' "January 6th Commission." They were hoping to twist anything he had to say, particularly because he had no evidence to defend his statements. So when his legal counsel requested the un-released video footage from the Department of Justice, the Commission said, "no." They echoed the DOJ's rhetoric about wanting to limit "false narratives."

Ummm, no, as with ANYTHING, narratives change depending on the facts presented, and there will always be a differing opinion on any scenario.

Back to the point, however.

Steve Bannon and his legal team decided to use a strategy that has been used before, but never on this scale, and never in the face of this kind of fascist narrative control. They decided to play chicken with Congress, and hoped that Congress would not realize their colossal mistake before it was far too late.

Yep, you guessed it, with a subpoena issued and a warrant issued, it is just that, too late.

You see, now it is a criminal defense issue, and as such, all DOJ evidence is subject to the Federal Discovery laws. This includes... wait for it... ALL of the video evidence, audio evidence, written evidence, and anything else that they are using as evidence for their subpoena.

So it becomes a no win situation:

Release (or give up) the indictment, and you admit that you have nothing substantial to make it stick and your narrative dies.

Pursue the indictment and have all of the evidence that is contrary to your narrative drug out into the public center with full view so that people can see the full scope of what happened and come to their own conclusions about it.

In other words, give up control of the narrative.

At any point prior to handing down the warrant, the Democrats had the opportunity to call it off and to make Bannon a bad guy in order to keep up the "Trump is bad and he's hiding stuff" narrative. Yet, by overplaying their hand, likely due to desperation after the latest round of election losses, they have set themselves on a collision course with truth.

What is that truth? I am not 100% sure. Mostly because they will not release all of the information. But that will change soon.

They can no longer stop it.

They've been played, and now it is too late to hit reverse.

This will be fun to watch.

CSPAN will be interesting again for sure.

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