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Teachers 'R' Us

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I've said for a long time that conservatives have to take a more active role in education, but it wasn't until I found THIS article from the Pacific Research Institute that I began to see just how bad it was.

On average, out of 100 teachers, 83 are liberal, and only 17 are conservative. Depending on an area's geography, it changes, but this is their national average. Those numbers are far more frightening than I could have ever imagined.

Their research goes on to show who the colleges have been following and promoting for some time in their training of teachers (Brazilian leftist education philosopher Paulo Freire, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed), and it is no surprise, and it shouldn't be, that even those conservatives who enter college to be teachers end up coming out liberal after the instruction given (some would even go so far as to say indoctrination).

Time honored classical education has been thrown by the wayside and replaced by a pedagogy of sociology based purely on Marxism and socialist philosophies. It's crept into all subjects, and all materials, because it's taught to all teachers during their time in college. Coincidence? Hardly.

Yet, despite agreeing with their findings, I do have issue with what the article sees as the solution to the problem. Their solution is to engage in school choice program which allow families, particularly conservative families, to move their children to schools that do not teach these philosophies and to compete with the public schools.

I disagree. This is, at best, a mediocre solution, and likely will face constant and consistent push back from the public at large. After all, "how can you not support the school that I attended. It made me who I am" "Is there something wrong with MY high school?" Like it or not Alma-Maters matter, and they're hard to separate people from.

Which leads us to my solution. We need a WAVE of conservative persons, from all areas and of all disciplines, to go and help reclaim the generations that we are losing by default. I have three family members who are part of those 13, but we need more, MANY more who are willing to give of themselves to save our country.

Not easily swayed untested minds of late teens and early twenties children who can be crushed and remolded which is all we send now, if at all. We need 30-40 year old people with life experience who are willing to stand against the abuses that they will take in order to turn things around and to give those young conservatives joining the ranks an anchor point and "fraternity of guild" to join.

If the current situation has shown or proven to me anything at all, it's that as go the schools, so goes the country. When we didn't see this coming, and didn't respond in kind, we vacated this battlefield by default, and low and behold, it was likely the most important one ever. We absolutely MUST reverse this, or we are likely to see society continue to fall farther and farther down the Socialism rabbit hole.

We don't need another conservative CEO. We don't need another Conservative Radio Host (though I realize the irony of my saying that). We don't need another Conservative Police Officer or Fire Fighter. BUT WE DESPERATELY NEED far more conservative teachers are ALL levels of education.

How do we begin to take our country back from the brink of madness? Help to shape the next generation to not participate in the madness at all.

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