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The BLM Updates You're Not Getting

Photo Credit: Simon Dawson/Reuters

There is nothing I hate more than a half finished story. I mean, if you are going to start telling it, if it is important enough to tell, then you had better finish it, and you had better do so in a way that does not make it all not worth my time.

There is very little worse than a story teller who runs out of steam and treats the climax of the story like its an after-thought when they have achieved their purpose. Much of the BLM movement seems like that, but I am here to tell you that it is not because of them, but rather their media accomplices who were so keen to use them when Trump was in office, but who have gone eerily silent now that they are defending Biden and want to make things look better under his watch.

I received a TON of hate for saying at the time that the broader BLM movement (not BLM itself, but its supporters) was being used by the Democrat Party and the media as a weapon against Trump and that they would be discarded as soon as their guy won in order to make the country look like it was "healing." Despite all the hate, I was right.

So here are the current things the media is not telling you:


Alvin Motley Jr.

Was shot at a gas station in Memphis, Tennessee by a former police officer who happens to be white. The former officer turned security guard felt threatened by Motley's words, "let's talk like men," and he shot Motley before the conversation could begin and is now claiming self defense.

Why is this not national news? This is certainly more egregious than George Floyd who assaulted officers during his arrest. I called for Chauvin's arrest and trial then and am calling for Gregory Livingston's trial now (he has been arrested already, but did you even know his name?). Why are there not piles of bricks showing up in cities and burning and looting of downtowns in Tennessee? I mean, this is horrific. This story makes Amaud Aubrey look guilty by comparison, yet I bet most of you have never even heard the name other than a short blippy story on your news channel. Where is his mural?

Kenisha Kinard

Kinard led police in Fontana, California on a chase through residential neighborhoods. At the end of the chase, he hid himself in a portable toilet (a Porta-Potty) and then was shot after the officer opened the door and saw him "move his hand" with a "metallic object" in it. That object turned out to be a lighter.

This is similar to the Jacob Blake incident, but this time there are no large scale and out of state protests. There is no "breaking updates" on this shooting and whether or not the officers involved will be arrested. Just large scale silence because the job has already been done.

Broderick Shelton, Jr.

Shelton was shot by police after brandishing a firearm. Officers report that he shot first, yet as we have been constantly reminded, "you can never be sure" as there is no video of the shooting. An investigation is under way, but without body cam footage, and with the body having been removed from the scene so quickly, there is likely not much that can be done or said about this case. It'll be brushed under the proverbial rug.

There are more, but I have been told that my articles are getting too long for people so I'll leave it here. In short, the media has done to the Black American Community what they have done to them for the last 70 years, they used them for ratings, they used them to accomplish a task, and then, like any tool, they put them away.

They cannot afford to cover these incidents now. I mean, covering these incidents would mean that Biden has not cleaned it up. What would happen if they covered these incidents the same way that they did when Trump was in office and you ended up with riots, parades, and all kinds of other civil disobedience. I mean, Kamala Harris is the VP, they cannot report these kinds of incidents that might paint her administration with a "racist" brush.

And there is the key, it is all about optics and not about truth. It is not about telling you the truth and letting you decide how you feel about it, it is about selectively covering stories to shape the way you feel about things and how your emotional response plays out.

What is really sad to me is that these things continue to happen. Except now, they will not be addressed or corrected, because they cannot afford that kind of negative publicity for THIS White House.

Talk about manipulation.

BLM, your usefulness has ended.

Now you are nothing to them but yesterday's news.

Because Black Lives never really mattered to them, only Black Votes did.


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