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The Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens, Oh My!

Let's talk about why the left's hatred of Donald Trump is so visceral. Yes, that title will come in to play in a bit, but for a moment, allow me to lay the groundwork.

Ronald Reagan successfully pulled us back from Jimmy Carter's expansion of social programs and leftist direction. This success led to a George H. W. Bush victory in the following election. Yet instead of building on, and continuing the legacy of Reagan, Bush I moderated and allowed for slippage back to the left and then by the time he attempted to reign it back in, it was too late, and conservatives refused to vote for him leading to the election of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton's presidency was a hard reactionary move against the Reagan agenda. His push to force home lending to those who couldn't afford it under his "Equal Opportunity Home Ownership" program created the housing bubble that led to the major recession at the end of the Bush II Presidency. Yet many of his leftist policies are still in place today while his more conservative ones, such as welfare reform, are not.

Next came Bush II. Bush II, under the label of "compassionate conservatism," set his sights on slowing the move towards the left, but he staunchly refused to actually DO anything to push back against the policies of Clinton as he was afraid of being labeled a racist for dismantling Clinton's Fair Housing program even though ANYONE watching could tell that the adjustable rate mortgages were about to wreak havoc on the entire economy. Yet his inaction led to exactly what was predicted. The mortgages ballooned, the foreclosures began, and the economy began to tank. He COULD have stopped it, or at least have mitigated the impact, but instead he sat by and watched because he didn't have the desire to push back and take the criticism that came with it.

After Bush's economic crisis, President Barack Obama took the steering wheel and swerved hard left. He returned to the economic and social program expansions that Jimmy Carter had begun and then doubled down on them. There wasn't a single social program that didn't see expansion under his Presidency (the man never met a government dollar he couldn't give away), and his Administration could be the poster model for the "Freedom From Religion" organization as he targeted religion and religious freedom in this country and pushed as hard as he could to FORCE religious organizations and churches to violate their beliefs in favor of someone else's. Obama's hard lurch to the left is, and should be seen as, the impetus that light the fuse on the explosion that became the Trump Presidency.

Which brings us to the current administration. The current administration has done more to disrupt, dismantle, and destroy the "progress" of the left in four years than both of the Bushes did in twelve. The left disliked Reagan for his work, they LOATHE Trump for his, but the tolerated the Bushes because, they were just speed bumps, not stop signs, and definitely not U-Turns. Make no mistake, this isn't about Bombast (though that's why conservatives don't really like him), it isn't about his Tweets (though that's why the Republican establishment doesn't really like him), and it's not about his foreign policy either (though that's why the war hawks dislike him). The hatred for Trump comes from one source and one source alone, his absolute dedication to disrupting and dismantling the progressive agenda in America. Given the same vigor in the opposite direction, the left would be ticker-tape parading him in the streets instead of rioting.

So, now you have Joe Biden, who is not only out to undo the changes of the Trump administration, but he's also threatening to take America to progressive ends un-paralleled in American history. His swing to the left would make Franklin D. Roosevelt blush, and he's not only willing to admit it, he's yelling it at the top of his lungs, and to anyone who will listen. Clinton was bad, Obama was worse, but Biden? Oh my.

It's not often that someone can out socialize and out religiously discriminate Bernie Sanders, yet Joe Biden has succeeded in that endeavor, and we'll finally get what many in the political world have speculated about for the last 30 years, which would win in an up or down vote between Capitalism and Socialism in America today. That's really where we are. That's the difference in this election and the previous ones, and the dollar destroying global socialist agenda that Biden is postulating is such a threat that there can be no quarter this time. It's united the entire right, and it's finally being seen for what it is, and existential threat to America.

In that, however, is the one sliver of good news. Joe Biden's radical agenda has united the right, and that, if nothing else, should terrify his campaign. People like me who couldn't vote for Donald Trump last time now view him as infinitely preferable to Biden's agenda, and honestly, he's seen as a savior from it. This is despite our personal feelings about him.

He isn't a moral man, but despite that, he's fighting for the morality of our country, our religious freedom of practice, and our ability to be as free from government regulation and taxation as we can be. Not one person on the "right" that I have spoken to has said that they aren't voting for Trump, even if they've said they're holding their nose to do so.

Biden has succeeded spectacularly in uniting the opposition against him, and I think that his campaign staff should have been fired a month into the campaign after the primary because of it, but in the end it's a good thing for conservatives. I'd rather have a different messenger, honestly I would, but if my choice is between a loud mouthed, slightly vulgar, fighter who will destroy the leftist agenda in this country and a guy who wants to drive us straight off the fiscal cliff into socialism, there's no comparison, there's no choice, there's no opportunity for a moral "feel good" victory of a third party, there is only the crushing of Joe Biden's agenda, because that's what he intends to do to ours.

This election didn't have to go this way, but Clinton built on Carter, Obama built on Clinton, and now Biden wants to build even further left on Obama's legacy. I think I'd rather face the lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

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