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The El Paso Whistleblower and Why It Matters

Photo Credit - KTSM El Paso -

Ok, let's start with a few admissions. First, I am so over COVID-19 and the panic. I have generally tuned it out and have started to focus on other things, well, because most of the new data and numbers show that I have nothing to be worried about if I am careful and take the proper and reasonable precautions. That doesn't mean that I can be stupid with the virus, it just means that we don't have to panic anymore since we have both reasonable precautions and the necessary medical equipment / availability.

Second, my wife does a MUCH better job of listening to COVID related reporting that I do. She ACTUALLY clicks on the links that say COVID, and she ACTUALLY reads them. I stopped about three and a half months ago. So you can imagine my surprise when she interrupted my favorite video game's newest franchise release intro to tell me that I needed to hear about what was going on in El Paso. **SIGH** She was right, again, she almost always is.

She alerted me to a whistle blower in El Paso who has come forward, on the condition of anonymity, who has highlighted that the exploding number of cases in El Paso isn't actually due to El Pasoans, it's due to people coming across the border from Juarez who are COVID positive and who are being taken to local El Paso hospitals, at US Taxpayer expense, and then counted as US Positive cases. Talk about a triple whammy. Overstayed visas (due to treatment), extended public viral exposure, AND we have to foot the bill for all of it. Then, to add insult to injury, they pile them on OUR numbers making US look irresponsible and flagrant in the face of the virus.

Re...dic...u...lous. We are a compassionate people, but this is just abusive.

We're already the world's military, and police, and disaster relief fund. We share the burden of being the world's medical provider with a handful of other countries, but we are almost exclusively THE drug manufacturer and innovator of the world, yet now we have to take this on as well? And then have it look like WE'RE the irresponsible ones? Sorry, but I can't go there.

Maybe, just maybe, if this were being reported correctly, as international aid to Mexico, and their numbers were kept separate from ours, and the world knew, heck, if OUR country were being told, the truth about these rising numbers, then I could be ok with our helping others. I mean, let's face it, we ARE a compassionate people, and if we can help, we will.

So what possible reason could there by for the reporting of it in this manner? Who could possibly stand to gain from inflating the positivity statistics in the United States? There can't be ANYONE who would see a rising outbreak and a surging pandemic as a positive, could there?

Well, it turns out, there is, and it a group of people actually. Yep, you guessed it, it's those who are dying to paint Donald Trump and Republican Governors as responsible for this pandemic and its continuing effects. Feel used yet? How about lied to? I do.

COVID-19 is real. It is serious, and we do need to do what we can as a society to slow the spread and keep the curve flattened so that there are hospital beds available when needed. But when our compassion is being preyed upon to the point where Non-COVID El Paso ICU patients are being transferred to San Antonio because they are running out of ICU beds due to a manufactured emergency, we're being played, and the situation is being used.

Let no one say that I'm anti-common sense. Barriers that prevent the release of super-spreader droplets (such as spittal or nasal discharge) from being thrown into the air aren't a bad thing. Staying home from large rock concerts or Times Square New Years type parties is wise, though I don't think it should be mandated. That all said, most Americans are following these advisements, at least in Texas where I am, but to see their sacrifice (and YES IT IS A SACRIFICE) thrown back in their faces by fraudulent reporting? It's infuriating, utterly infuriating.

Know your safety rules, calculate your risk, be cautious, be smart, but LIVE YOUR LIFE as well. Don't let these false reports manipulate you BACK into your shell of panic and fear. Know the truth, be a reasonable adult, and go do what you need to do.

Don't be manipulated. Too many have sacrificed too much to accomplish what we have for that.

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