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The Flow Resumes

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During the campaign between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the Presidency, I remember hearing Biden repeatedly say that Trump has no plan. In fact, he said it so overwhelmingly that on many occasions it became almost a singular answer to just about any question that was asked. Now, I'll leave alone if he was right or wrong, because the point I'm making doesn't depend on his statement's veracity. The bigger issue is that those that live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

Everything about how President Biden's administration is handling the resuming of the migrant caravans is wrong. His ordering stopping their detention in Mexico for processing, his reinstatement of catch and release on our side, and his attempted halt on deportations regardless of crimes committed prior to arrival in our country are all bad precedents, and they are largely responsible for the resumption of the caravans themselves.


In fact, it's gotten so bad that the White House is having the play word games with it in order to keep people from asking why Biden's "plan" for handling the crisis is failing, or even if he had a plan at all. It's even getting bold enough again that the human smugglers are doing it in front of cameras and being recorded. They don't fear any kind of reprisal or consequences. Not for themselves or for those that they're smuggling. When no consequences are present, people do what they want.

But so what? Why does this matter? For the same reason that it mattered in El Paso. Here you have a large number of people coming across our border, in the middle of a global pandemic which has so paralyzed our country that we shut down our economy for a time because of it, and now many people are coming across without so much as a COVID rapid test, particularly if they are children who are not subject to the Title-42 health screenings. This is your "plan" Mr. President? If it is, it's a poor one.

We're worried about "super spreaders," but we're allowing into our country a population with a documented positivity rate just under 10% at a rate of 100,000 per month? That's 10,000 COVID positive illegal immigrants entering our country monthly. Mr. President, you're threatening to shut down our country again if our numbers don't go down but yet are allowing COVID positive people to illegally enter our country and infect others? There is no logic in your "plan" at all.

Thankfully I live in Texas where the Governor has already sent people to the border to stop the flow, and Representative Bryan Slaton has introduced a bill to resume building the border fence and to bill it to the Federal Government. This means I have to worry less that others. However, everyone needs to be worried about continued spread of the disease and how that will effect our ability to return to normal. Not to mention the catastrophic death rate I keep hearing about.

Let me ask you, why would you be worried about a COVID negative individual wearing a mask and NOT also be worried about tens of thousands of COVID positive people being introduced to the country who were traveling without masks and possibly infecting others who were asymptomatic while crossing? The answer? Emotionalism, but that's another article.

We have, in essence, removed all of the reasons that were there for these caravans not to come. In fact we might as well as have hung a big ol' "Com'mon In!" sign at the border. This doesn't qualify as "give me your poor and your huddled masses longing to be free" ala Ellis Island, this is nothing more than a complete and total invalidating of the southern border altogether. We might as well as just annex Mexico and Central America. At least then we'd have some control over the flow and the issues.

Yet, my biggest objection to this is that it makes it virtually impossible to do what I believe needs to be done politically, morally, ethically, and humanely; namely, amnesty for those who live here, the DREAMERS, and those who have been here 10 years or more. How do you expect to convince people that amnesty and citizenship should be granted to people when that number of people continue to grow unabated and unchecked? I, as much as I believe in the cause of the DREAMERS, could not, and will not, endorse such an action until such as time as the border flow is stopped. That's what is so infuriating about the Biden win. Trump was already talking about amnesty for those here so long as we could keep the flow under control. Now we're as far from it as we can get.

If we intend to end the shadow, or slave, class as it's sometimes called here in America, it starts with legalization, and that happens with amnesty. I'm not interested in bringing in the "poor" and "huddled masses" only to see them become slaves working in a farm field or in some shady cash for work job where they are abused and don't pay any taxes. I mean, when you really look at what happens to these people when they get here, how can you justify continuing to let them come?

It was wrong when it was done to the Africans, it was wrong when it was done to the Irish, it was wrong when it was done to the Pollacks, it was wrong when it was done to the Chinese, it was wrong when it was done to the Scotts, and it's wrong now being done to the Hispanics. Bringing them in because we need a group of people to exploit is not humane, it's sickeningly immoral, but yet that's the biggest defense of this behavior I get when I engage in conversations about it with its defenders.

In short, President Biden's plan is either non-existent or simply a failure. He needs to figure out how to get it back under control, and quickly. If COVID starts to grow from these immigrants, he's going to have a political hell to pay, and I don't think the media will be able to cover it up thanks to the continuing COVID hysteria that our country continues to operate under.

It's time to end the flow and to make good with the people who've been here, paying taxes, not getting any returns, and who have been slaving away in the shadow class for too long. That's a plan, let's see if the White House has the courage to follow it.

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