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The House Is Blackmailing Us With Our Own Money

Nancy Pelosi - Photo Credit - Associated Press

So, isn't this a hoot. The Speaker of the House has said that she is delaying any vote on any additional Corona Virus Stimulus Packages until there is something in it that gives a Federal guarantee that all states will have mail in ballots. The connotative dissonance couldn't be more astounding.

This is the same Democrat Party who just threw our entire electoral system into chaos by claiming that our voting wasn't secure and that "Russian hackers" changed numbers/votes. Then, when that didn't hold up, they said that those same people influenced it by spreading misinformation on social media. They claim gerrymandering, they claim racial/poll discrimination, they claim absentee ballot abuse (specifically within the military community), and many other "cheats" (just don't look in their backyard eh?), yet they want to allow for the most insecure voting means available to us? Suddenly our elections are "so secure" that we can use the most insecure means of voting and it's absolutely tamper proof? I'm sorry, but 2 + 2 is not 3.

No, what this is is that they don't believe that Biden can get people motivated enough to go to the polls, or that enough Senior Citizens, who they scare with social security cuts, will come out with the "dangers of corona virus" out there. Never mind that Trump would face the exact same challenges, no, clearly this disadvantages them in their minds or they wouldn't be doing it. If they had ANY thoughts that this would help Trump, they would be holding signs and protesting in the streets against it. And if you can get them to be honest with you, they'll admit it. It's all about getting him out. No matter what it takes or how hypocritical it might be.

So, to the topic at hand, Pelosi has now held the next COVID-19 Stimulus package hostage until she gets the mail in support that she wants. In other words, she believes that she's put Trump in a no win situation. Accept mail in voting, and all the cheating and manipulations that come with it, or watch the economy tank in August before a November election making it harder for him to be elected. That's right, this is ALL about politics. But here's the bigger rub, the thing that she's holding hostage? It's YOUR MONEY!!!

That's money paid in taxes either already or in the future to the Federal Government. Since they don't generate revenue, the only source of income they have is YOUR MONEY. So she's threatening to not give you YOUR MONEY back when YOU NEED IT MOST in order to further her own political agenda as part of her no holds barred attempt to unseat President Trump. Feel used yet? Well, it gets better.

By holding up the stimulus, Pelosi is endangering people who are already behind in their mortgage/rent payments, who are struggling to put food on the table, and who are attempting to look for work commensurate to their pre-COVID wages only to find the jobs available pay only a fraction of what they were making. All so she can score a political victory. She doesn't care if you get evicted, as long as she gets what she thinks will drive her party to power.

She's not holding up your tax return, that could easily be said to be just spending money that you would use on fun stuff. No, she's holding up needed money for people who are out of work and who are looking for ways to keep their family budget afloat. It's inhumane, and in my opinion, it should be criminal.

You don't use people's pain and/or their fear of pain to blackmail them into putting you into power. Yet that's not just what she's doing, it's what she's doubled down on. It's unthinkable, but hey, that's politics in America for you, eh?

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Aug 03, 2020

@SpeakerNancyPelosi has never be about the people, so she could care less about their struggles or pain. Look at her Congressional career to see a power hungry woman always wanting more and more control for her and the Democrats.

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