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The Hypocrisy of "Unity"

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"Unity," the newest political buzzword. Not that isn't hasn't been so before, but it's back in vogue yet this time with a different meaning. Oh, I'm sorry, did you assume that "Unity" meant unity? Yeah, like "Racism" means racism, right? I mean hey, we just redefine words as we go along so why not this one too? People want unity, and so the left has co-opted the word and redefined it as they do everything so if you disagree with them they can accuse you of being against unity, but we're not against unity, we're against "Unity."

So let's get a real definition of unity. Miriam Webster has a number of definitions in its dictionary, but the two that matter here are 2(a) and 3(a):

2(a) - a condition of harmony
3(a) - the quality or state of being made one

Harmony doesn't mean sameness, and being made one doesn't mean homogeny, yet that is what is being called for. What do I mean by that? Well, let's examine it.



Political unity requires compromise. It does, as much as I wish it didn't. And that compromise often requires a give and take, such as Bill Clinton giving welfare reform to get housing reform. Or Ronald Reagan giving amnesty in order to expand the border patrol and its functions. When you call for real unity, this is what you are calling for, yet those who are calling for unity aren't really calling for this, they're calling for "Unity," but what's the difference?

Obama dragged this country left, and Trump dragged the country back right. Yet to call Biden a uniter, you would have to be able to prove that he is trying to broker a middle ground between the two, but he's not. He's doubling down on Obama's agenda and in some ways taking it even farther than Obama did. That's not unity, that's an all out political assault on those who didn't vote for him. And now he wants to call for unity? The hypocrisy is baffling.

Which is why they have redefined the word unity. To them, unity means that we'll have unity as soon as you give me what I want. It's the Democrat version of Israel's "Land for Peace" deal with the Palestinians which fell apart so spectacularly. Yep, give us everything we want, get nothing in return, and then we'll have unity and peace. Umm, no, that's not how unity works, not even in the slightest.

To hear them talk about Biden, you'd think he's calling for the full repeal of Obama Care and working on a bi-partisan plan to bring down health care and medication costs without massive government subsidies. You'd also think he's calling for a comprehensive immigration reform which builds the wall and strengthens border enforcement in return for amnesty for all illegals already here and the DREAMERs.

Heck, the way they're talking about him, you imagine him sitting on the floor of the congress begging for the government to pull itself out of marriage entirely and into civil unions for all so that religious people don't have to violate their faith by supporting LGBTQ+ marriage while still giving that community all of the legal rights and protections for which they yearn. Yet that's not what he's doing, not even close.

You see they're using the word "Unity," without meaning unity. Their "Unity" only comes with conformity, and if you don't conform, then you aren't "United." Well, I'm sorry, but half of the country voted for Trump's AGENDA not the man, so half of the country has no interest in this "Unity," and they simply are not going to participate until there is either real and true compromise, or they win back the White House and reverse everything that Biden plans to do like Biden is planning to do to everything Trump did.

You don't get to run such a negative campaign against the PEOPLE who voted for Trump and then say, oh now it's over, just do whatever we say and want. Biden didn't win the popular vote 80% - 20%, but that's how they're treating it. Which is fine, it's what Obama did, it's what Trump did, but it's not what a uniter does.

So call it what it is, a partisan takeover. At least then we're being honest, and we can understand why there will be such fierce resistance to every step Joe Biden plans to make as President. The one thing that won't come out of this election is unity, unless there is a sudden and irrevocable change of heart in both Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

That, by the way, won't happen, so no, unity isn't possible, and "Unity" isn't unity.

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