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The Immoral "Morality?"

With the announcement of Joe Biden's presumptive Presidential win (though nothing has been certified yet nor all the recounts done) has come a torrent of "crowing" from the left about the "immorality" being removed from the White House. Based on what they're saying, one would figure that they've elected a virtuous choir boy to the office, yet upon closer inspection, they are electing one of the most corrupt and baggage ridden politicians on the entire left. I mean, honestly, if you wanted morality, you had Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang right there, yet you elected Joe Biden?

Well, lets examine that shall we?


Well, let's set aside the numerous gaffes on both sides shall we and engage in an intellectually honest conversation. I'm not going to allow for claims that Trump "lied" about COVID, as I understand that part of being a leader is to reduce or restrain panic. Was he right to? Well, that depends on whom you ask and how they feel about COVID. But as well catalogued as Trump's "lies" are, what about Biden? Biden, knowing what a political hand grenade it is, denied that he supported the Green New Deal while it was posted on his website that he did. He looked directly into the camera (it was a strategy of his during the debates) and said, "I don't support the Green New Deal, that is a lie." Except he does, or at least did at the time he said that.

Further, if one investigates his new "climate plan," you'll find that it is virtually identical to the Green New Deal in almost every substantive way. So he's not for the Green New Deal, but he's for the majority of it in his own plan? It makes no sense, not intellectually anyway.

He also claimed that Robert Byrd was not a member of the KKK despite it being well documented and reported on by both conservative and liberal sources. He claimed that he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings, yet it was found out that he allowed his son to ride with him on Air Force 2 to China to conduct business meetings. You have to be beyond naïve to believe him.

Joe Biden has also been catalogued more times than almost any other politician, short of John Kerry, taking both sides of an issue depending on whom he is talking to. In fact, it's so well known that it's being used to defend him. People are literally saying that it doesn't matter what he said on the campaign trail because we know that he never does what he says anyway but "changes as he needs to." And they say it with a straight face, and they say it as if it's a virtue.

I wish I were making this up, but I'm not.


Okay, umm, I'm not sure how to break this to you, but if you're looking for non-corruption in Joe Biden, you're REALLY going to be disappointed. There's the scandals with Hunter Biden, there's his involvement with China and Iran, and there's the fact that he entered the Vice Presidency with a fairly average net worth only to see it explode according to all of his Presidential financial filings.

Yes, people have compared his VP ones to the current ones. Where did all of that money come from? The VP's salary doesn't add up to it, and his speaking fees are only a fraction of it, so what gives? People were all up in arms over Trump's tax returns from his legitimate businesses, but no one is worried about how a politician, on a salary, whose not supposed to be taking any outside monies grows his net worth by that much?

No, sorry, while I'm not going to say that Trump's businesses are on the up and up, he's known as a cut throat businessman with questionable businesses ethics and practices, that doesn't make Biden any better, or any less corrupt. You can't say that because this rose is redder, the other one isn't red as well.


Well, again, hate to break it to you, but if that's why you voted for Biden, you're in for a fairly rude awakening. Biden was a disciple, then friend, then colleague of Robert Byrd. He went so far as to call him directly his "mentor." Byrd did later denounce his involvement, but there are many who knew him who felt, and still feel, that it was politically motivated. Let's also not forget that were it a Republican, or Trump himself, that had any association of ANY kind with the KKK, it would not only never be forgiven (such as when David Duke supported Trump and Trump denounced it), but it would be thrown in his face at his funeral, Yet, when it's a Democrat, he must have TRULY meant his apology.

The double standard is bottomless.

Then there's the numerous "gaffes" that he's made that are clearly racist. You can find a catalogue of them on YouTube. Yet, you know as well as I do that if Trump had said any of these he would have been immediately crucified and the media would have been playing it 24/7 while bringing on every talking head imaginable to certify his "racism."

Then there's Biden's support of Critical Race Theory which proposes to fight racism with racism. You can read my blogs on it or listen to the entire episode of the podcast that I dedicated to it, but this is the most ineffectual way to bridge the race relations chasm, and it only breeds racial contention. Yet Biden wants to resurrect it and make it mandatory. Instead of going back to racial sensitivity and cultural awareness trainings, he wants to bring back the "white man evil" training that has so deeply split and divided our country.

Why does Biden get a pass? Particularly since he's one of the ones who sponsored the 1994 Crime Bill which they claim is racist and evil. I mean, here you have a guy who SPONSORED a RACIST crime bill, was mentored by a former KKK member, and who has made a TON of racist and questionably racist remarks over his career. If there was this much evidence against Trump, he would have been impeached by the house over that as well. Yet Biden get's a pass? Why? There is no intellectual honesty in it.


So what is it then? What is it really all about? Well, in a nutshell, political correctness.

I'll be doing a post mortem on Trump and his Presidential Campaign later, in which I'll discuss many of the bad decisions and problems that led up to these election results, but that's not the point of this article.

In the end, people voted for Biden for one of two reasons. Liberals voted for him based on his policy stances, and the #NeverTrumpers voted for him based on his political correctness. They didn't like Trump's bombast (newsflash, neither did I), and they allowed it to overshadow all of Biden's problems and policies, and allowed them to vote for him. What I can't figure out is why political correctness is such an important thing.

It's not like they voted for Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard over Trump, that I would have understood. Heck, I would have considered voting for Gabbard over Trump, well, I more likely would have voted for Jorgenson as I wouldn't have minded him losing that fight, but BIDEN? No, they got a guy who's everything they said Trump was and in some ways more, he's just more polished and politically correct about it. That's what flummoxes me. They didn't change the core issues at the top of the ticket, only the policies that the ticker topper supports.

Biden is no savior, he's not different, he's just slick, and he's being supported by those who like it when someone talks "nicely" to them.

I guess it's just something I'll never understand.

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