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The Last Plan Standing

Throughout the debacle that was the first Presidential Debate, there was one theme that Joe Biden kept repeating over and over and over again. That refrain? "He has no plan, man."

Now, set aside the fact that he didn't apologize for the rhyming pun that he dropped on the country, I think the far more egregious thing is that he is guilty of the very same thing he's attempting to blame the President for.

Whenever he was asked for specifics, he would give gibberish answers. For example:

When asked about his support for the Green New Deal, Biden contradicted his own website and previous statements by saying that he doesn't, in fact, support the Green New Deal, but that he supported the, "Biden Plan." When Wallace pointed out that this was contradictory information, and asked him for specifics about his plan, Biden responded with, it's a great plan, to use renewable energy, "...and create new good paying jobs." Part of that was a paraphrase.

Those aren't details, they aren't specifics, and they aren't anything other than platitudes. For all we know he just renamed the "Green New Deal" the "Biden Plan" and changed the placing of a word or two so that it can be different. After all, this is the same guy who had to drop out of the Presidential Race in 1988 for plagiarism, so would it really surprise anyone if he did it again?

But we don't know if he has or not, because he hasn't given any details. The "Biden Plan" doesn't even appear on his website, and as of 10/7/20 @ 10:33 AM, the following appears on his website:

Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face. It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.

That doesn't sound like a different plan, so which is it, Joe? Is the Green New Deal your plan, or do you just not have one? Because the "Biden Plan" doesn't seem to exist, and if you were presenting it at the debate, then shouldn't we expect to find the details of this grand new plan fairly easily?

Beyond that, as you review his website, you see the typical and normal promises that you hear constantly from liberal candidates. Free school, free healthcare, free housing, free "equity" (whatever that takes), and all kinds of other free stuff. Yet, what he fails to do is to lay out the full plan that says how he would fund it. His tax increase plan won't cover the unbelievable cost of his freebies, so what's the rest of the plan, Joe? How will we pay for all of that after paying for all of the COVID-19 stimulus payments and rent/housing assistance during the pandemic because we shut everything down like you want to do again, Joe? Money doesn't grow on trees, and if we keep printing it, our money will be worthless, and should that happen, and we lose our status as the global reserve currency, then our economy will tank faster than the Titanic as the only thing that pays for our out of control spending is the fact that we can borrow against our currency from other countries to pay for all of our social programs. That Debit:GPD ratio is getting really scary....

So, the President renegotiates NAFTA, he negotiates two peace deals for Israel, he passes tax cuts, he brings back manufacturing jobs by working with companies, he institutes travel bans to fight COVID-19, he uses the National Defense Act to create ventilators, he releases the Navy hospital ships to LA and NY, and he continues to drive down unemployment, yet HE doesn't have a plan?

Excuse me while I roll my eyes hard enough to strain them.

There are two possible reasons why Joe Biden won't talk specifics and why he won't lay out the details of how he intends to achieve the goals that he's setting for the country. At best, he has no clue how to do it, and these are just fanciful thoughts that will die when they hit the harsh sunlight of reality. At worst, he knows what it will take to implement it, and he's purposely withholding the information because he knows that Americans aren't going to stomach his tax raises and all of the other insanity that will be required to get his agenda done, including all of the job losses that will happen as manufacturing goes back overseas and the power industry starts to shut down.

So, which is it, Joe? Do you not have a plan, or do you just not want to share it because you know it will scuttle your electability? I refuse to vote you in before we see your plan, the last time your party did that it was horrendous. We're not falling for that again.

Either way, I suggest you find another track for your debate prep, because if I'm on the President's debate team, I'm going to turn your own words against you next time and put on the full court press to make you lay out the details of your plan. And if you can't? I'll make sure that the American people know that you're just pandering, and that you're a fraud.

Unless you have a plan that you're willing to lay out in full before the American people, you really shouldn't be throwing stones, because your house is made out of glass.

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