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The Neverending Story (Illegal Immigration)

So, illegal immigration is popping upon the radar again. What a shock that it's happening three months before an election. I'm fairly sure both sides are pushing it and consider it a winning issue for them...

So first, let me upset my conservative brethren:

I am, unequivocally, pro amnesty. I am pro amnesty for a plethora of reasons, some compassionate (DACA & Dreamers) and some preactical/economic (let's face it, they pay taxes and get little back and they provide a working class that's desperately needed since we decided to eviscerate our manufacturing sector in the name of "climate change" ridiculousness). You cannot cost justify this, nor can you morally justify this. It's gone on too long, and we've allowed it to continue as a country. No, it's too late, as Reagan said, sometimes things just don't line up perfectly.

Now, let me upset my liberal readers:

I am absolutely pro border control. I am pro wall, I am pro enforcement, and I am pro immigration flow control. Some will point to the past and say, "but, that's not how it was done in the past," but that doesn't mean that we are forever stuck in that mode. AND before anyone says it's against Mexicans, it's not. Foreign nationals from all over the globe are coming through our borders unchecked and in the modern world of global terrorism and political interference, that's something that we just have to control. Let people in? Sure. Let more people in? I can go there depending on how many we're talking about. Let everyone in just because and with no screening? Nope, can't go there.

Here's the thing. This issue gets polarized by both parties BECAUSE it's emotional. They USE it to pull your heart strings to get you to go vote to keep them in power. They fear monger and demagogue you to death, in hopes of keeping you running back to the booth to vote on this issue. Both parties have the opportunity to compromise and get things done, yet both parties are only interested in keeping this thing going. That's why we don't have comprehensive immigration reform, a good and solid compromise, and a wall. Not because they're incapable, but because solving the issue deprives them of another tactic to drive you to the polls to keep them in power.

You and I are being treated as emotional pawns in their game, and until we all, on both sides, stand up and scream at the top of our lungs, "Enough is enough, get it done or we'll vote you out," they won't get it done, because it's contrary to their political interests.

It's sad that we've come to this point, but please understand where we are. Just like there is no money in a cure for a disease but only in a treatment, so too is there no political power in fixing the system, only in keeping you voting to for those who promise to get you everything that you want only to keep the stalemate so you keep running to the polls. We can do better, and we should.

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