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The NIMBY Principle: Democrats Want Open Immigration, Just Not In Their Back Yard

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There is very little that I dislike more than when a group of ruling class elites make rules for themselves that they do not apply evenly to everyone else. Of course, that also include the reverse which is when they make rules for everyone else that they exempt themselves from either directly or indirectly. Yet, that is exactly what has been happening in states all along the southern border of our country for years now.

You see, rich/smug Democrat elites can sit in their large cities up north and dictate to states like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada that they must absorb a constant and never ending stream of immigrants because they are not the ones paying for the services that these immigrants are receiving. After all, it's always easy to be generous with someone else's money.


So, Texas, Arizona, and Florida decided to start putting the burden on those who were making the decisions. After all, if you are going to preach that this is only the "moral" thing to do, then you should have no problem bearing the load, after all, it is only the moral thing to do.

Yet, instead of coming out and thanking Texas, Arizona, and Florida for these new "hard working and productive citizens," as they always tell us that they are, you are seeing quite a different reaction. In fact, one might almost call it a "racist" expression of incredulity.

After all, how could you possibly let "those people" come to "our city?"

Wait, I thought they were supposed to be the compassionate ones...

It gets better, believe it or not.

If you go onto social media, you will find an increasing number of liberal Democrats who are sounding awfully conservative on the issue. They are asking questions like, "why are they being allowed to come here?" and "I never knew there were THIS many of them!" You will even see the occasional, "why can't we just send them all back?"

To quote a famous Texas, "Now hold up here a moment!"

Those are the same things that they call us Texas Conservatives "racist" for saying. Do the words somehow magically change meaning because they are coming out of the mouth of a New York liberal?

In all seriousness, something is either right or wrong. It cannot be right for some and wrong for others. If it is racist for people to talk about sending immigrants back to their country of origin, then it is racist no matter who says it. Which means that deep down these liberals are just as racist as they are claiming us to be... or, maybe logic is not racist at all...

Yet, you do not see all of these liberal organizations condemning the mayor of New York City for his statements about the immigrants. You do not hear people calling Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez racist for saying that these people should have to stay in Texas rather than welcoming them to her city and discussing their virtue as citizens as she does constantly when they are not in HER back yard.

They talk about how New York already has enough poor people to care for. Well wait a moment, first, so does Texas, secondly, I thought that very statement was racist because these are hard working industrious people who are immediately going to contribute to our economic prosperity as a nation?

Do they mean what they say or not?

The answer, as you might expect, is that they do not. They believe it when it is someone else dealing with it, or when it is someone else picking up the tab, but the moment they have to put their money where their mouth is, and actually roll up their sleeves and get to work for the principles that they espouse, suddenly it all folds like a deck of playing cards built into a fragile pyramid.

That is why Texas, Arizona, and Florida have been doing what they are doing. They want to wake up the PEOPLE in those states, and that is the one thing that the establishment cannot have. They do not want to lose control of their fabricated narrative.

Too bad that these people do not actually mean what they say.

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