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The Running Man.. er Mate... er... The Thing...

Photo Credit: - Patrick Semansky/AP

You know, I had just about convinced myself that perhaps the right thing to do was to evaluate whether or not I could vote for Jo Jorgensen and still be comfortable in a Trump Victory.

Perhaps, I thought, Joe Biden will pick a running mate who is a centrist (since that's usually where you move in the general election) and I can consider voting for Jorgenson because I don't really believe he'll start his first term, let alone finish it.

Maybe, I thought, the Democrats had learned the lesson of the last election and had decided that a more moderate VP pick would balance out the ticket and make it more palatable to the centrist independent who now is very likely to end up voting third party. We might end up with the highest third party vote total since Ross Perot ran, though it's unlikely that Jorgensen will get as many votes as he did.

And then, there was Joe Biden, on the internet, naming Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate..

I sat there stunned. I felt like I had just been run over. This must be a dream, or more likely a nightmare.

The Democrat party leadership has simply lost its mind, and has forgotten that most of America is either in the middle or leans towards it. It was a stunning move, politically speaking, that spat in the face of all conventional wisdom and shows that they believe that the majority of America is similar in thought to ANTIFA and the Occupy Movement. At least enough to propel them to victory.

In one moment, my vote, and the votes of many people who are conservative and who were leaning Jorgenson, just got violently shoved back into the Trump camp. Biden/Harris is SO liberal that even those who consider themselves moderates will come out in droves, by the bus load, and will pick-up their friends on the way to ensure that Trump wins. Because the alternative is so unfathomable, that you can almost say, "the ends justify the means."

The Democrat Party has done more to galvanize Republican support in the last 48 hours than anything Trump has done in the last four years. More than his economy, more than the miles of border wall built, more than moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, heck, even more than getting a historic peace deal signed between Israel and the UAE. NOTHING Trump has accomplished has pushed as many voters into his camp as the pick of Harris as Biden's running mate. And it has nothing to do with her color, at least for those who were leaning out, and everything to do with her policies and voting record.

You can pick ANY topic that is important to conservative voters and you'll find that she's not just on the wrong side of it, but ardently so. She is the most liberal voter in the senate, even beating out Bernie Sanders, and that's saying something. Then, on top of that, you add in her comments about going after Trump supporters after they get him out?

WOW that's a powder keg that just exploded, and it WILL be felt in November.

Believe me, it no longer matters how sure a conservative feels that a Trump victory is. Their fear of a Biden/Harris government will drive them to the polls on their hands and knees across broken glass, while acid rain is soaking them, and lighting flashed above them, and dementors attempt to keep them away.

They know what's at stake, and no amount of being comfortable at home and not being bothered by voting is going to stop them. Voting day might as well be a national holiday this year because there are going to be more vacation requests for that day than we've ever seen before. I predict that it will be unprecedented.

I am still sitting here, still shocked, still attempting to put together what incredible lack of foresight brought this ticket about when Stacy Adams, Val Demings, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Susan Rice were all available. What, did EVERY one of them turn him down? That's hard to see. No, they actually CHOSE this ticket, and now they'll have to live with the consequences.

They're no longer facing a mostly fat, happy, and apathetic Republican Party who is drunk on Trump's victories and hung over enough with the thoughts of it to consider that they don't need to go vote. No longer are they facing Conservatives saying, "Eat and be merry, for tomorrow we die." No longer are they facing moderates saying, "I can have my pet liberal ideas and still be a Republican while voting independent."

No. Now they face a unified, solidified, angry, fed-up, and ready to fight Republican Party and Conservative allies. It was the worst thing that the Democrats could have feared, and it's the very thing they got. But hey, you can't really feel sorry for them, they did it to themselves.

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Aug 13, 2020

We can not take anything for granted! We can not expect the President and Candidates to do this on their own. We have to be working now at the grassroots level to register voters and build up our voters rolls. The Republican voters have got to turn out in massive numbers 2020 for all Local, State and Federal elections. Every elected position matters. Don’t believe me, look at Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta.

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