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Those Rocket Hitting Israel? They're US Paid For.

Rockets are fired Monday toward Israel from Gaza City, controlled by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.
Mahmud Hams / AFP - Getty Images

I want you to take a good look at the above photo. Go ahead, take a moment, I'll wait.

Did you see it? Oh, what is it? Look at the origin point of those rockets, do you see anything suspicious about it?

When I talk to people who support the Palestinian "resistance," they often have a lot of wrong ideas, and this is one of the big ones. That these rockets are launched from military sites or from camps, and that Israel is attacking civilians in response. It's not true, and it never has been.


Do you see that the POO (point of origin) is a rooftop of a large high-rise building in the middle of downtown? In fact, looking at the building and knowing the architecture of the region, that is most likely an apartment building. That means that these cowards, and yes, they are cowards, are launching military strikes and then retreating into civilian packed buildings and counting on the goodness and restraint of the Israeli people to protect them.

That right away should tell you something about how they view the Israelis and who they are as people.

Imagine sitting in Israel and seeing this out your bedroom window:

Can you imagine living in that kind of fear?

Yet, how did this happen? How have we gotten here? After almost a full year without a major Palestinian terrorist act, with the fewest rocket attacks in recent memory, and seemingly a peaceful co-existence, how has it broiled over into this?

Well, it starts with an April 7th, 2021 decision by President Joe Biden to begin once again sending direct aid to the Palestinian "government." They gave $150 Million to the UN's Palestinian charity, they gave another $10 Million to US "Peace Brokering Organizations," and the remaining $75 Million directly to the Palestinians for economic development in Gaza and the West Bank. (Read More Here)

So the US lays the ground work by relieving the Palestinian Authority of every responsibility it has to its citizens by giving aid through the UN, ok, fine, ridiculous, but fine. The issue is that they then turned around and provided direct aid payments to them. Gee, you gave a hostile and militant "authority" money with no oversight and hoped they would spend it on aid... gee what could go wrong here? Only what's always gone wrong, they spent that money, AGAIN, on rockets and attacks on Israel and it's civilian population. It's as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. As soon as the PA (Palestinian Authority) has any extra funds with which to do development, they use said funds to "develop" tunnels, terror networks, rocket infrastructure, and other tools of terror instead of business development.

How do I know? Well, I've been to Gaza, I've walked the streets, and let me tell you it looks like it still needs billions of dollars of investment even though we've sent them billions over the years.

But I can hear it now, people who say that the Palestinians are the "Philistines" who took over the land after the Roman enforce diaspora in 71 AD, and that they, not Israel, have the historical claim to the land. Yet that's not true.

Most of the people today in Palestine fall into one of two groups. The Iranian political dissidents who were expelled from one country to another across the Arab lands until they finally settled into a swamp ridden and pest infested land that was empty at the time, or those who moved in after Israel drained the swamps and created arable land and started to create an economy and hire for jobs. (Read more here, here, and here)

Another devastating blow to this "historical land claim" by the PA is the fact that the Philistines were southern European, from Crete, not Arab (like the Edomites, the Hittites, the Persians, the Jebusites, or the Amorites). That's right, those pesky Philistines have nothing to do with modern Arabs, and even if they did, they lost the land to the Jews far before the Roman diaspora.

But what about a two state solution? Well, that was already tried by Britain in the 1922 Balfour Declaration when the split the Palestinian land into two sections and gave the west half to the Jews and the eastern half to Trans-Jordan (an Arab and Muslim state) who was supposed to absorb the Arab populations into the land that they were given. But they didn't want them, and the "Palestinians" (as they would come to be called) didn't want to go.

This led to the six days war and a whole bunch of other stuff that I could get into, but let's just stop with the history lesson before I lose even more readers who are bored to tears at this point.

The end result is that you have a people that nobody wanted, squatting on a land that nobody wanted, who were given time and means to legally emigrate to a country that already met their religious and social requirements by the actual land owners who gave it back to the original land owners as indemnity for the holocaust.

Yep, something that simple and wholesome sparked this never ending conflict, despite all of the gains made by the Palestinian people. Almost no one remembers when Yasser Arafat walked away from the table with Bill Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu, despite having all but one point that he wanted given to him in exchange for peace. A PLO offensive followed.

That's the history of the Palestinian people, whether you want to call them the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), the PA (Palestinian Authority), the refugees, et al. They won't stop fighting because they don't want to stop fighting. Their only objective is 100% of what they want which includes full control of "Palestine" and the removal, or full subjugation of, the Jews in the land.

That's why they buy rockets, that's why they'll ALWAYS, buy rockets. President Trump knew this, and he was determined to end their reign of terror over the Israeli people.

President Biden apparently doesn't know it, or he doesn't care.

Every drop of blood being spilled over there right now is on his hands, and unfortunately they're drenched.

What a tragedy indeed.

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