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We've Reached the Assassination Part of the "Revolution"

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Fidel Castro & Ernesto "Che" Guevara - Photo Credit: NY Times

A mainstay of the Cuban Revolution was the art of assassination. Before they won? It was military opponents and political figures. After they won? It was political dissidents, gays, capitalists, Christians, "the rich," and whomever else needed to be killed to keep the "Presidenté" in power. Sometimes it was public and loud, other times it was secretive and quiet, but they were always there, after all, what good 20th century revolution would be complete without them?

And just like those revolutions, this current "revolution" is emulating that methodology. Here's the current list that I am aware of:

- Michael Forest Reinoehl - Shot Aaron Danielson in Portland, Oregon during a confrontation over his support for Trump.

- Unknown Assassin - Shot Bernell ‘Ras’ Trammell in broad daylight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin because he supported Trump.

- A Yet To Be Named Gunman - Shoots two LAPD officers who were sitting in their car because police deserve to die. After which, a crowd blocked the entrances and exits to the hospital chanting "we hope they die."

- James Hodgkinson - Opened fire at a charity baseball practice injuring congressman Steve Scalise because he hated conservatives and Republicans.

This list will likely grow, and I'm sure that there are likely other cases that I'm not aware of. Yet we've reached a point where not only are armed groups coming into conflict with one another in the streets, but we also have conservatives being targeted for assassination based solely on their political views. I guess that this "revolution" hasn't fallen far from the tree.

In his confession video and Twitter posts, Michael Reinoehl made clear that he TRULY BELIEVED that the civil war had already started, and that he was doing his part for it. Still think that there isn't a desire for armed conflict on the part of ANTIFA and it's ancillaries?

In 1956, Fidel Castro attacked a Cuban Army base hoping that he would spark an uprising. He was defeated, and the uprising didn't start as he planned. He had to go back underground and regroup before attempting to take the country by force of arms again. However, this provides us an excellent parallel into the thought process of the above individuals. They hope that their actions, and martyrdom, will "spur others to action", and bring about the revolution that they so earnestly believe in. They, like Castro, think that the "people" are just one spark away from "throwing off their chains."

There is, however, a large difference between Cuba in 1956 and these modern "revolutionaries" vision of America. That difference? The majority of the country is not fed up with life here, the majority of this country doesn't want these changes, and even lifelong Democrats who haven't voted for a Republican in their lives are seriously saying to me that they will either vote for Jorgenson or not vote at all because they can't support the radical socialist agenda being put forward by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

Yes, you read that right, both Republicans AND Democrats are so worried about Biden's extremist rhetoric that is not centering during the election, that they feel like they cannot support him. Think of it as the Democrat version of the #NeverTrumpers except they oppose the extremism rather than the person. In other words, if Biden said, "I must have been crazy, I renounce it all," they'd likely vote for him.

Another big difference is that Castro was fairly shrewd politically, even if this was often overshadoweded by his egotism. He targeted unpopular things publicly and kept the things likely to make people angry away from the public eye. Not that he didn't destroy businesses, steal people's money, crack down, and do horrible things, but when they were likely to anger people to the point of taking up arms against him, he did his best to hide them, at least until he felt the danger had passed.

Those targeting conservative victims seem to lack any and all such political shrewdness. It's all emotionalism and vitriol, and that is hurting their cause greatly. Shooting a 60 year old black man, sitting in chair, in broad daylight, in cold blood, just because he supported Trump? Hopefully the Black Lives Matter supporters (not the movement) are waking up to the fact that their "allies" are just using them for political cover.

Shooting two police officers who were simply sitting in their squad car in cold blood? That will only reinforce the public opinion that the police need to use an extremely hard hand in dealing with these people. It will rally the sentiments of the every day person to the side of the police and further stamp out the already diminishing cries against police brutality. The majority of people in this country don't support the summary execution of police officers.

That is why this "revolution" will fail. Too few people believe it, even less support it, and it's driving away everyone who might be their ally. The crowds are thinning, and those left are ever increasingly more and more nothing but Socialists. In fact, I predict that within the next 60 days, if not sooner, the mask will be ripped off and we'll see that the majority of these rioters are not out for "racial equality," but rather for social takeover. They'll drop the BLM motto, that was never really their's to begin with, and simply start calling it what it is, a "Socialist Revolution."

Thankfully, if and when that time comes, we have a President, and in my state a Governor, who will not abide such lawlessness and who will react accordingly. You want a "revolution?" Fine, but you then can't be upset when your "revolution" is put down. The list of successful revolutions is EXTREMELY short, throughout history, compared to those that fail. But it's looking more and more like that lesson will have to be learned the hard way.

There is no Castro, this isn't Cuba, this isn't a trashed and sinking economy, and there aren't throngs of exiles just waiting to come back and join the fight against the US Government and it's Capitalism. If you think there are? Then you may have had one too many Havana Locos.

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